Generation text


Partnership for a Drug-Free America, a non-profit that helps parents “prevent, intervene in, and find treatment for drug and alcohol use by their children,” released a study in early August that shows that more than one in three parents are concerned that mass media like television, computers, and video games are putting barriers between them and their teens in discussing pressure to use drugs and alcohol.  The survey also found growing concern from parents regarding “new media” such as Facebook and texting, an issue that has only been exacerbated by the explosion of mobile devices among teens in the last five years.  This research comes in the wake of a study of 2,000 teens released by the Kaiser Family Foundation earlier this year which found that the average amount of time spent by 8-18 year olds consuming entertainment is eight hours per day, or at least 53 hours each week.  To put that in perspective, most teens are only in school 35 hours a week.  The Kaiser study also revealed a proportional relationship between media consumption against teens’ academic performance and happiness.  Instead of fighting the tide of media and social networking, many parents are trying to meet their teens where they are.  “Time to Text” is a program that teaches parents how to wisely and appropriately engage their teens on important, sensitive issues in their techo-heavy environment, whether that be watching the latest reality TV show with them, sending a text message, or messaging via Facebook.  For more information, visit