Keeping watch from a distance

. July 9, 2013.

Halloween is an exciting time for children, one of the highlights of the year. Parties, costumes, an excuse to walk around after dark, and of course, lots of candy. But despite parents’ joy in their childrens’ gleeful anticipation, the season can also be a source of anxiety. Trick-or-treating is a beloved American ritual, but the idea of letting even older children out alone after dark can set parents’ nerves on edge. Rather than keeping children home, or forcing them to tolerate a parental escort, parents now can turn to the SecuraPal, an ingenious new gadget made by Secura-Trac, LLC of Hermosa Beach, CA. The SecuraPal is a small and unobtrusive (less than one half inch thick) device, which can fi t into a child’s pocket or bag. It uses GPS technology to keep parents aware of their child’s whereabouts, using any computer or smartphone. And if a child senses danger, the device features an SOS button, which immediately sends an emergency text message giving the details of their location, along with directions. So parents can allow their charges that sweet taste of nocturnal freedom on a cool October evening, while remaining secure in the knowledge that they are safe. The SecuraPal retails for $129, but they are also available for rent for only $9.99 per day.

For information, 888-973-2872.