Practice Makes Safety

. January 24, 2013.

It’s a harrowing moment for any parent — your child has finally earned a driver’s license, and you’ve got to let them out on the road on their own for the first time. You’ve taught them well. They know not to drink and drive, or to text their friends from behind the wheel. But the road is full of dangers that drivers can’t always anticipate — wouldn’t it be nice if young drivers had some real-life practice dealing with the worst-case scenarios? Ann Arbor’s All Star Driver Education, along with Washtenaw Community College’s Police Academy, are offering drivers a chance to learn to face danger in a safe environment with their new Skid Monster SkidCar.
The Skid Monster, developed by Interactive Driving Systems, Inc., of Connecticut, is an ordinary car on the inside. But it’s been customized with special
hydraulic wheels which can be controlled by an instructor from inside the vehicle. This lets drivers experience a simulation of a variety of conditions, such as driving on water or ice. When a skid situation occurs, the instructor can talk the student through the proper driving techniques in real time, in a way that could never be done in a classroom. And it’s not just for teens — any driver can benefit from this kind of hands-on experience.

May’s Skid Monster classes are on Saturday, May 21, and Sunday, May 22. At the All Star corporate office, two sessions will be held, from 8am-noon and from 1-5pm. Each session is $199. Classes are available at several area schools. See website for details. 1011 S. Main St. 800-967-7719.