Sharing their Legacy

. March 3, 2014.

Students in Skyline High School’s Communication, Media, and Public Policy Magnet (CMPP) program are collaborating with the Legacy Project to air interviews with local senior citizens on CTN, the Community Television Network. The project, called Skyline Hour: Stories from the Legacy Project, features a collection of interviews with participating seniors, revealing personal stories from their lives and commentary on their experience of history.The project is led by Skyline’s Patricia Jenkins, lead teacher of the CMPP program. According to Patricia, the Legacies Project is how CMPP juniors are inroduced to the basics of video production.“An added bonus of the project is that they’re learning about real history through the lives of a real person.It’s very transformative.”Jimmy Rhoades, co-founder of the Legacies Project, is not only thrilled that students are sharing their interviews with the community, but also that they have the
opportunity to know and value the community’s seniors.“Most people would agree that we’re a pretty youth-obsessed society, and the consequences of that can be a kind of pervasive, underlying age-ism. The best way to combat that is with engagement,” explains Jimmy. “Students have more positive attitudes about aging and seniors. As a result, we hope they will carry those improved attitudes with them as they become future leaders and decision makers.” CTN’s Melissa Cohn-Bondy is also thrilled to have students involved in CTN programming. “I anticipate that the Skyline Hour could be weekly, if not daily. It’s all dependent on the school and students and how much content they bring to us. We would rather have more than less! This is the start of a great partnership.”

Watch Skyline Hour: Stories from the Legacy Project on Channel 18 or online at
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