Ann Arbor ranks high among the world’s top 100 hospital cities

Digital healthcare provider Medelle has released a study of the 2019 top 100 hospital cities worldwide and Ann Arbor ranks #55. The study is based on data relating to infrastructure in terms of the medical workforce, education, quality of care, satisfaction, treatment efficiency, citizen accessibility, and more. Ann Arbor came in at #7 of the top 20 hospital cities in the USA.

“There are several existing hospital rankings around, but this is the first-ever comparison of top hospital cities which looks at the bigger picture. It answers this very important question: do their medical facilities cater to all of their city’s patients, not just the wealthy or privileged ones?” comments Daniel Kolb, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Medbelle. “We wanted this study to shine a light on the importance of hospital infrastructure, in particular looking at medical education, the deficit of surgeons and nurses, and the overall accessibility of healthcare. Without these building blocks, a city cannot offer its citizens the medical care that they need.”

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