Shake Shack Opens in Arbor Hills

A New York City smash makes a local landing I haven’t been to Manhattan in years and had no plans to go in the near future, so I figured that it would be awhile before I got to eat at a Shake Shack. That all changed when Shake Shack— the iconic New York City burger

Loomi Café Spices Up Kerrytown Market & Shops

The Short Course: Kid-friendly: Mostly, as long as your kiddos can keep an open mind. To avoid wait: Avoid Community High lunch hour (11:15am-noon) during the school year. Noise level: Medium. Bathroom amenities: Second level Kerrytown Shops bathrooms offer multiple stalls and changing tables. Lower level has a single, unisex bathroom. High chairs? No. Kids’

Jolly Pumpkin Opens in Dexter

The Short Course Kid-friendly: Yes!!! To avoid wait: Head in before 6pm. Noise level: Medium. Bathroom amenities: Changing table. High chairs? Yes. Got milk? Yes. Kids’ menu? Yes. Anything healthy for kids? Yes. Food allergy concerns? Happy to work with guests, but there is only one fryer available. Our 5-year old was in awe when

A Red Carpet Entrance Into Ann Arbor: Jim Brady’s

The Short Course Kid-friendly: Yes To avoid wait: Come for an early dinner Noise level: Loud Bathroom amenities: No changing table High chairs? Yes Got milk? Yes Kids’ menu? Yes Anything healthy for kids? Yes Food allergy concerns? Friendly staff are more than willing to accomodate Jim Brady’s makes a great first impression for kids