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The struggle to accommodate children with IEPs and 504s

The struggle to accommodate children with unique learning needs
Heather Eckner, executive director of A2IDEAS Photo Credit: Eckner

A Community Culture of Advocacy

A2IDEAS promotes education, advocacy, and inclusion for all When my son was eight years old, he attended his own IEP (individualized education plan). Aware of his diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he was encouraged...

Secure Your Child’s Future With A Special Needs Trust

Local experts explain what a special needs trust is and why you might consider one for your child Being the parent of a child with special needs is overwhelming at times. Your life is full...

Supporting Artists of All Ability Levels

Artisan Corner makes being a professional artist a reality What began as a humble “corner” in a local factory has developed into a program that now boasts over 70 associated artists. Artisan Corner is a...
Children engaging in play therapy at Creating Brighter Futures. Photo credit: Creating Brighter Futures

7 Ways to Be a Positive Parent for Your Child with Special Needs

Connie Combs offers her expertise to help ensure a bright future for families Parenting is hard, but parenting a child with special needs can be downright daunting. Too often, parents feel isolated and scared when...
Dr. Mark Bowers and one of his patients, Connor, 9, pose in front of the forest wall at the Brighton Center for Pediatric Neurodevelopment. Photo contributed by Miranda Keskes.

Dr. Bowers Creates a “Home Away From Home” for Quirky Kids

With an increase neurological disorders, a place to go to for expert advice