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Autism Friendly Preschools in the Ann Arbor Area

Parents today are flooded with daycare and preschool options. So many factors come into play when choosing childcare: teacher to child ratio, curriculum structure, tuition, accommodations and facilities, to name just a few.

10 Summer Activities to Support Sensory Awareness and Fine Motor Skills

Summertime conjures up images of waterplay, lazy beach days and checkered picnic tables. It is also the ideal season to get some sun and engage in hands-on activities.

Local Mom of Triplets Shares Why Maternal Mental Health Month Matters

It seems obvious why you should care about postpartum depression if you are pregnant, want to be someday or was pregnant recently.

Liberty Athletic Club Offers Free Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports are competitive or recreational sports available to those with disabilities or challenges. Often modifications are necessary to be fully inclusive of all.

“Are You Sisters?” The Assumed Heteronormativity During My Wife’s and My Pregnancies

When my wife and I were successful in conceiving our first babies within a week of each other, I knew we would face a...

The 16 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms and How I Learned to Cope Using Humor

Pregnancy is a magical time, full of the creation of life, they say.  It is also chock full of uncomfortable and even painful experiences, many...

Local Campgrounds for Summer Stays

Bust out the bug spray and sunscreen because summer is here! With different amenities, hikes, and living quarters, campgrounds across southern Michigan are offering...

Navigating Doctor Appointments as a Woman: Two Local Moms on their Hyperemesis Gravidarum

As a person with chronic illnesses and several disabilities, I am accustomed to doctors dismissing or downplaying my symptoms on a regular basis. Sexism...

Surviving on Popsicles and Ice Chips: A local Mom’s Hyperemesis Pregnancy Journey

Being nauseated is such a common part of the pregnancy experience that up to 80% of women experience it, and up to 50% of...

Ypsilanti Playgroup Offers Space for Children with Developmental Disabilities

April is Autism Acceptance Month, the perfect time to bring awareness to families who have children with this developmental disability.*  A local playgroup in Washtenaw...

Why My Wife and I Decided to Both Get Pregnant at the Same Time For Irish Twins

If I told you my wife Jess and I wanted to get pregnant at the same time, what would your response be? If it’s...