Monday, January 17, 2022
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Tips to Support an Anxious Child

By Sarah Lyons Anxiety is a feeling of unease or nervousness that often goes along with an upcoming event or something with an uncertain outcome. This feeling typically will come with physical signs such as...
Camp good grief

10 Ways to Help Your Kids When the World Feels Scary

“I don’t understand. Why did this happen, Mom?” My daughter looked at me, her eyes a mix of confusion and sadness, and fear. I wanted to help. I wanted to explain it and make sense...

Parenting the Video Game Fanatic: How To Encourage Other Interests

By Cheryl Maguire “It’s time for karate class,” I said to my 13-year-old son. “Do I have to go?” “Yes.” This has been a common exchange between us for a variety of activities over the past 10 years....

Is your Child Addicted to Social Media?

By Laurie Bertke In light of media coverage about the harmful effects that apps such as Instagram can have on young people, many parents are wondering how they can protect their kids. Is it okay...

9 Fall Must-Reads for Middle-School and YA at Literati

As a children’s literature enthusiast, I was thrilled to see that quite a few of the new books being sold this fall for middle-school and YA are books that feature diverse characters or are...
screen time

Teens, Tweens, + Screens: How Much is Too Much?

Tweens and Teens are facing screens more and more, but how much screen time is too much? Is this even the right question?