Eco-friendly diapers at your doorstep

. February 29, 2020.

On average, a baby produces 1 ton of diaper waste before they are potty trained, resulting in 1/3 of all landfill space filled by diapers. But, a new eco-friendly premium diaper service is changing the game. Dyper creates eco-friendly diapers that are better for the baby (chemical-free), the planet (fully compostable at home, unheard of!), and for parents (convenient and budget-friendly at only $68 per month!). Made with premium materials, like bamboo, to create the softest diaper on the market, free of chemicals and ink, Dypers are a safe option for little bums while also being durable and absorbent. With every order, Dyper purchases carbon offsets on behalf of the customer.

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