Light up the Park

The world-class skate facility Ann Arbor Skatepark at Veterans Memorial Park is in high use year-round. Now, City officials have approved a plan to install lighting to allow for safe use and enjoyment of the park after dark. Skateparks, with unique features such as ramps, ledges and bowls, can be challenging to light properly. The City of Ann Arbor has hired a lighting consultant to design a lighting system to provide adequate light levels to be able to quickly see contour changes of curved bowl features, reduce glare and shadows and to maximize visibility for safe use. The consultant is tasked with utilizing sustainable lighting principles to minimize energy consumption, reducing light pollution to comply with the dark skies initiative and exploring options to use renewable energy sources, such as solar power. 

Daily, 6am-10pm. Ann Arbor Skatepark, Veterans Memorial Park, 2150 Jackson Rd. |