Michigan Sees Second Highest Drop In The U.S. In Number Of Babies Born Each Year

Michigan sees second highest drop in the U.S. in number of babies born each year

A recent report by Bridge Magazine leaves us asking where have all the Michigan babies gone? Since 2000, the number of babies born in Michigan has plummeted by 18 percent, the second-biggest drop in the nation (after Illinois) and triple the decline in the entire U.S., according to Bridge Magazine’s analysis of census data. Washtenaw County saw a decrease of almost 7 percent in the three year birth averages between 2007-2009 and 2015-2017. Decreasing birth rates can have significant social and economic effects such as economic stagnation and school closings. Bridge Magazine reported that questions arising from this demographic reality include providing incentives to families, consolidating school districts and considering the need for 15 publicly-funded state universities in Michigan, among others.

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