Puffer Reds and Adidas for Scholarship in Honor of Black Music Month

Puffer Reds is partnering with Adidas and Ypsilanti Community Schools in honor of Black Music Month. Students in elementary, middle, and high schools are able to participate and win scholarship money or gift cards for Adidas clothing and shoes.

June is Black Music Month. In celebration of Black Music, Puffer Reds will hold an art contest for high school students, which could land winning students with a $4,500 scholarship or Adidas gear.

To promote this, Puffer Reds will be partnering with Adidas and Ypsilanti Community Schools (YCS). The contest is open to students across Washtenaw County, and the top prize is a $4,500 scholarship. The winner of each high school category will be eligible for the prize. Middle school students will win a $500 gift card for Adidas clothing and shoes, which is only good at Puffer Reds. Winning elementary school students will get a $200 gift card for Adidas shoes at Puffer Reds.

President Carter declared June Black Music Month in 1979, but it wasn’t observed until 2000. Dyana Williams, the co-founder of Black Music Month and wife of BlackMusic Association co-founder Kenny Gamble, discovered in the late ’90s that President Carter didn’t issue an official decree. Williams worked with her local congresswoman to draft House Resolution 509, which is better known as The African-American Music Bill. The bill — which was signed by then-President Bill Clinton — called for a formal acknowledgment and celebration of black music’s contribution to and impact on American life and culture.

Puffer Reds was once known as the neighborhood record store with an influence in fashion. They’re a historically established business in Ypsilanti. For the past 40 years, you can find them at their location on Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti. They’re a respected streetwear retailer within the community. Puffer Reds wants to commemorate their roots and celebrate Black Music Month with the community. 

Although the original plan was to run an event for students during Black History Month, the business’s plan took a little longer to come together than intended. As a result, owner Eric Williams decided to run the event for Black Music Month.

The scholarship winner is able to use the scholarship at the college or university of their choice. 

Contest entries are due by 8pm on June 11. All students will need to fill out their own applications. Applications can be dropped off at the Ypsilanti Community Schools Administration building at 1885 Packard Rd in Ypsilanti or can be submitted online here. For more information on the scholarship, check out Puffer Red’s website.

113 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti. 734-485-7050. pufferreds.com.

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