With funding from the Washtenaw County Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage, the Health Department has teamed up with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health to design a campaign to address community concerns around the stigma surrounding youth mental health. After surveying over 300 community members this summer, staff put together the #wishyouknew campaign acknowledging the unspoken truths that youth and adults wish others knew about mental health. It aims to spark honest and supportive conversations, and to spread hope that if we can share our truth with trusted people in our lives, we can begin to heal. Follow along on Instagram, see the videos and artwork online and look for upcoming billboard campaigns this year and into 2021. The campaign also provides information on resources for people who need support, including the recently expanded Washtenaw County Community Mental Health CARES team. Anyone in the county can call the CARES team at 734-544-3050 24/7 with any mental health questions.

Explore campaign materials, as well as ways to get involved
and add your voice, at washtenaw.org/wishyouknew

Follow along on Instagram @wishyouknewwashtenaw

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