Motherhood Reflections: Remembering those who paved the way

. May 3, 2017.

For these local moms, this Mother’s Day is about reminiscing and recognition. I asked them, “How did your mother inspire you to be a better mom?”

Leslie McGraw

I was an only child, and my mother was a good mom who dedicated herself to me. Even through various moves, I always felt like I had foundation and consistency. She gave me a sense of community by providing resources to me for nearly any situation. Whether I needed help with math or advice on applying to college, there was always someone I could call on. As a parent, I realize the importance of maintaining a sense of self as well as building a community for my children.

Tejal Wilson

My mother immigrated from India and was the glue holding the family together. She set the bar so high, making it look easy. I had no idea how much my mom pushed herself until becoming a mother myself to Ayan and his big sister Ellie, whom we sadly lost in 2014. She taught me how to adapt and try again, and that it is not about doing my best but changing my best and evolving. I want Ayan to have the freedom to find his passions and know it is okay to be spontaneous and have fun.

Elena Terrazas

My mom is selfless, like The Giving Tree, going above and beyond and even working through her breast cancer treatment. She taught me that helping others is to be rich, which can give you energy. My mom gave what she could to help anyone, teaching me that success is about making the world a bit better for family, neighbors, and community. As a single mom, my mom is always by my side, does not put herself before others, and taught me empathy and compassion, which I hope to impart to my kids.

Sara Robins

My mom loved being a mom. She created a home where we felt safe, loved, and encouraged, with enthusiasm, great love, and attention. She managed finances, displayed my, and my brother’s, creations, made special holiday desserts, and sang us to sleep with a song she wrote with my dad. I am greatly inspired by her example, and while different, I strive to create an environment that is also unique and strengthened by our special traditions where my kids will feel both loved and inspired.

Kristin Snyder

I was born when my mom was 19, I was the same age when my oldest was born. Being a child while raising a child is difficult. Following my parents’ divorce, my mom sought to befriend me, which influenced my parenting choices, especially when I went through my own divorce. I learned to keep those opinions private and to not put my children in the middle. I recognize how some of my mom’s decisions affected me long-term and I try to manage situations with my children differently, to avoid them being in my position later in life.