U-M Alumna/Blogger Highlights Women Who Are Mom’s First

Ciearra Renee knows what it takes to juggle many roles. Administrative Specialist. Entrepreneur. Blogger. But she always remembers her primary role of being a mom first. 

Renee’s blog and website, But I’m A Mom First, highlights other moms who are making an impact in her community while keeping motherhood at the front and center. 

Like many mompreneurs, Renee, an Inkster native, hoped that blogging would provide a passive form of income. She soon came to realize that it could become something more. 

“I began looking on Pinterest and seeing many moms earning money from blogging. However, once I truly decided to start the blog, I knew that wasn’t the exact route I wanted to go. God was showing me that it was bigger than just a blog. I knew I wanted to be able to share my unique story as a millennial mom, but also make it a lifestyle brand with the blog,” Renee said. 

Renee’s journey to motherhood began unexpectedly when she was a senior studying English, Language and Literature at the University of Michigan

Determined to break what she calls “generational curses,” Renee still managed to become the first college graduate in her family, while also embracing the gift of motherhood with the birth of her son, Anthony. 

Anthony, who she calls Trey, is now nine years old, and Renee has since gone on to receive a Masters degree from Central Michigan University in Health Services Administration. 

“Being a mom first, to me, simply means always ensuring that my son is okay. No matter how big or small, his overall well-being comes before anything,” Renee said. “ Being a mom is my biggest ‘why’ and motivator, and I found my purpose through motherhood! He is my legacy, and it’s literally the best job I’ll ever have, and I thank God for seeing me fit to be a mom to such an amazing kid.” 

The blog features other “non-traditional” moms and allows them to share their stories in a judgment-free setting. 

“All of the moms that I have featured are in my person-network in some form or fashion. The features range from former colleagues to high school classmates and people I’ve met through mutual connections,” Renee said.

“There are so many amazing moms with dope stories. I made sure I chose a variety of moms who are doing different things, from business owners and entrepreneurs to social workers to nurses,” Renee said.

Renee is set to launch a new product line on the website that will feature loungewear tailored to moms. She plans to continue highlighting moms who will inspire her readers. 

“I like to say my target audience is the ‘non-traditional mom’, those who are doing motherhood on their own terms without the influence of the world, and how they decide to parent and do it unapologetically.” 

Q and A with Ciearra Renee: 

Occupation: Administrative Specialist at Michigan Medicine in the Department of Nephrology 

Favorite way to spend a day off: I’m a homebody, so I love just being at home relaxing with my favorite comfort foods. 

Favorite coffee shop: I am a Starbucks girl through and through. LOL! I love everything about Starbucks! The Starbucks in Belleville knows me because I’ve gone there for years, and I always jokingly say it makes me feel like the old TV show Cheers theme song. 

Favorite place to entertain her son: The movies. He is a moviegoer. He absolutely loves it, from the snacks to seeing the movie on the big screen. Trampoline parks are a close second. 

Biggest influence: I am nothing without God, and I thank Him for my life and the path He created for me. Being a believer is the foundation of my life, and I have been blessed to have a son who also loves Christ and willingly wants to pray and praise God. 

What’s your preference? Books or movies? I’d have to say books. I typically fall asleep at the movies. 

Dream Vacation: I would have to say Greece, but France is at the top of the list. Who doesn’t want to go to Paris? I recently started studying French again, so I’m excited to go there and attempt to speak to the native speakers while out exploring. 

Favorite hidden gem in the metro Detroit area: For me, it would have to be Sushi Q in Southgate. The food is amazing!