August 2019—Our Favorite Things

Hours of puzzle fun


This 3-D, magnetic puzzle can be used to create over 70 shapes! The Shashibo Shape Shifting Box Puzzle consists of 36 shapes that can be combined in endless ways for hours of fun. Playing with these puzzles will help kids develop their spatial perception and fine motor skills! ––LL

Cocktails that are written in the stars


Are you super into astrology and have trouble finding the perfect cocktail for you? This book has all the answers. Written by an astrologer, Mixology of Astrology has a drink menu with simple guidelines for your perfect drink for every occasion. If you’re a Libra looking for a martini, this book will give you a match made in heaven. —EB

Growing book love


In The Book Tree by Paul Czajak, a little boy named Arlo learns the value of books after the mayor of his town tries to ban them. This delightful story will certainly encourage your little reader to see the magic stories bring to the world around us and the value of creativity in our communities. ––LL