20 Questions with Sarah Harbaugh

By Ann Arbor Family Staff

After a stellar UM football season, the upcoming Orange Bowl in Miami, and (fingers crossed) the National Championship game in January, we met up with Ann Arbor resident, Sarah Harbaugh, for a “20 Questions” session.   

Having lived in Ann Arbor for seven years, we went through a rapid-fire question series with Sarah (a follow up from the conversation we had when they first moved to town in 2015) to find out what makes the First Lady of UM Football .

One of Sarah’s most notable qualities is her great sense of humor, which shines through even in a quick chat.  

1) How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

We have four kids together: Addie (13), Katie (11), Jack (9), & Johnny (4).

2) How many kids were in your family growing up?

I grew up with 10 siblings (6 brothers and 4 sisters). I’ve lost two brothers to colon cancer. And no, it’s apparently not genetic. Just bad luck I guess. 

3) Your go-to, easy weeknight dinner is…

Going to the fridge and seeing what is not expired or moldy and heating it up. This is our go-to dinner. In all seriousness, I like making homemade chicken noodle soup. Every time I try a little something different with it to keep it interesting. 

The Harbaugh kids playing together in the backyard, photo courtesy of Sarah Harbaugh

4) Favorite takeout spot in Ann Arbor and what do you get?

Pita King. Greek salad with chicken, hummus, and some sort of pita sandwich. 

5) What are you most looking forward to doing in Miami during the bowl?

Feeling the warm sun on my skin. The beach. Hanging with family and friends, and hopefully kicking some bulldog tail. GO BLUE! 

6) As a child, I wanted to be…

A big rig driver. I wanted to be the one to honk the horn for all the kids that did the pull motion while driving by. Lol. I remember it being so exciting as a kid if we could get a big rig to honk. High career goals, I know. 

7) Movie that describes your life:

Hmmmm…, that’s a tough one. Pretty woman? Just kidding. Probably “Clueless.”  Not the actual movie & character but just the word, “clueless.” That’s how I try to live my life. The less I know the better. 

8) My guilty pleasure is…

An espresso martini.

9) Finish this line: “ A guy walks into a bar…”


10) Best meal you’ve had in Ann Arbor….

Any meal from any of Sava’s restaurants. Amazing food! I love love love all of her places. 

11) Favorite way to be involved in the community?

Any and all non-profits are my favorite. Whenever people are selfless for the sake of others, it makes my heart happy. 

12) My favorite television show is…

Probably “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Seinfeld,” and “The Office.” I usually can’t repeat anything I’ve already watched once, but those shows never get old and are a guaranteed laugh. 

13) I still can’t get the hang of…

Using a round brush while blow drying my hair. I’ve attempted for 30 years and have failed every time. Also, contouring with make-up. I can’t do that either. I end up looking like I’m auditioning for “Cats.”

14) What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled and why?

Vatican City. My son John Paul was baptized there in 2017, and now he has dual citizenship which I think Is pretty cool. 

15) What’s the song that makes you sing out loud?

Any and every song makes me sing out loud. I love to sing, and I think I’m quite good, but sadly no one else does. 

16)  What lesson do you wish you had learned sooner? 

To listen to my mom more. She was right!

17) Best tip my mother gave me was…

To pray. Our world is suffering right now. Prayer is very powerful. 

18) Favorite thing in your closet…

My mom’s watch; I just lost her so it’s fresh.

19) Who are three famous people you’d like to have dinner with?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. But they wouldn’t consider themselves famous. So, in the Hollywood world, I’d say Jason Bateman, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds…and if I’m dumpster diving, Brad Pitt. 

  1. My favorite way to unwind is…

A deep tissue massage.

Sarah and her four kids. Photo courtesy of Sarah Harbaugh.

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