Fall Reading Recommendations by Schuler Books

School has started, Labor Day has passed and fall vibes are in the air. Take some time to read this season with these books at Schuler Books, 2513 Jackson Avenue, Ann Arbor.

My Name

Type: Picture Book

Local author Supriya Kelkar is a favorite of mine and this picture book is PERFECT for back to school season!  So many new names, some easier to remember or pronounce than others.  But, our names mean so many things to so many people and our names can be as unique as we are. Signed copies are available!

Bookseller:  Christina

The Magic Lunch Box

Type: Chapter Book

A fun new chapter book series from a local author set in Michigan!  Ben Lee is a Korean-American who has moved from California to Michigan as a fourth grader.  How important is it to fit in and what if you had a magic lunch box to help you be the same as everyone else? Signed copies are available!

Bookseller:  Christina

Wimee Creates with Vehicles and Colors

Type: Picture book

Join your favorite robot Wimee from the PBS show Wimee’s Words for some wacky wordplay and visual fun. Wimee and his creators hail from Grand Rapids and they are thrilled to get littles creating and learning with the first title in a new series.

Bookseller: Alana

Giants are Very Brave People

Type: Juvenile fiction

Revisit this sweet, funny story of a giant finding his courage from Florence Parry Heide in a new edition in which illustrator Merrill Rainey puts a new contemporary spin on this fractured fairytale with his bright, playful cartoon style. Signed copies are available!

Bookseller: Alana

Welcome to Our Table

Type: Kids’ cooking

This book is bound to make you hungry!  A book that celebrates what people eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner around the world.  Eye-opening with appealing illustrations.  Features such diverse foods, herbs and spices!

Bookseller:  Christina

Lost Library

Type: Intermediate Reader

A delightful middle grade read with mice, a cat, some ghosts and a strong message about the importance of books!  The characters are all so fun but AL is definitely my favorite! Many of our booksellers are BIG fans of this book.

Bookseller: Christina

Tilly in Technicolor

Type: Young adult fiction

A thoroughly enjoyable read with truly authentic voices.  Tilly and Oliver may happen to identify as neurodiverse but this book and these characters are so much more than that (and aren’t we all neurodiverse in our own way)!  A charming romance with a bit of travel narrative, a great deal of humor, and a fantastic escape read!

Bookseller: Christina

Secret Battle of Evan Pao

Type: Juvenile fiction

The Pao family has just moved from California to Virginia.  As the only Chinese-American family in this small town, Evan, age 12, finds it’s not always easy to fit in.  Told from different perspectives this is a gem of a story about being the new kid at school, making friends, being bullied and staying true to yourself.

Bookseller: Linda