Schuler Books’ Summer Reading Recommendations

The Digger and the Butterfly

Type: Picture Book

Digger makes another friend (The Digger & The Flower and The Digger & The Duckling are FAVORITE storytime books). This time a caterpillar!  – Christina

Gustav is Missing

Type: Book

A story about the touching friendship between Little Cap (a mushroom) and Gustav (a slug).  This one will tug at your heartstrings! – Christina


Type: Intermediate Reader

Select is one of those wonderful books that once started it’s difficult to put down.  This is the story of 12 year old Alex, a very gifted soccer player and she has just joined a very select and talented  team.  She loves the game but the team has a coach that is becoming more and more verbally abusive and disrespectful as the season progresses.  This is a great girl power story with the added bonus of a lot of great soccer – Linda

Warrior Girl Unearthed

Type: Young Adult

Angeline Boulley has written another fantastic book! A partner to The Firekeepers Daughter, this time we see the story through twin sister Perry’s eyes as she fights to right the wrongs done to her ancestors with help from her team of Misfit Toys. I was riveted from start to finish! Smart, thrilling, thoughtful, and enlightening. The audiobook is perfect for a road trip! – Alana

The Ultimate Goal (Good Sports League # 1)

Type: Early Reader

A chapter book for soccer-loving readers!  Great for reluctant readers or those just starting to read.  Good sportsmanship, friendship, and the joy of competition are themes.  Illustrations throughout help bring the characters to life. – Christina

Opinions and Opossums

Type: Intermediate Reader

Ann Braden has done it again!  I love Opinions & Opossums just as much as I love Flight of the Puffin.  Agnes in Opinions & Opossums is my new hero.  Braden has a way of writing for kiddos that respects them, celebrates them and challenges them all while making them laugh. – Christina

Eyes and the Impossible

Type: Intermediate

Bestselling author, Dave Eggers, teams up  once again with illustrator, Shawn Harris, to create another beautiful children’s book. Johannes has always been a free dog racing around an urban park by the sea. His job is to be the eyes of the park reporting everything he sees back to the 3 wise bison housed in an enclosure. When new buildings, people and art installations come to the park the animals are faced with change.  Johannes and his friends, which include a pelican, squirrel, seagull and a raccoon, show us the beauty and bond of a found family. Eyes and the Impossible is a sweet book, which will leave you observing the world in a different way. – Meagen

The Islands of Elsewhere

Type: Intermediate

When Hattie, Bea and Plum accompany their mother and baby brother to the village of Misty Cove, to care for their grandfather, they are enchanted by stories and lore which abound. Their great grandmother, reportedly a pirate and perhaps even a witch,  lived on the tiny Fairy Islands just off the shore of their grandfather’s house. Could the tales of treasure be true? The Snolly sisters are determined to find out.  A family tale filled with adventure, magic and love, The Islands of Elsewhere is a wonderful read. – Meagen

Imogen Obviously

Type: Young Adult

Becky Albertalli writes smart, satisfying teen novels that deal with real issues, especially sexuality, in a serious but light-hearted way. Imogen is an ally – her little sister and both her best friends are queer, and that’s why she immerses herself in queer culture – isn’t it? Then a college campus visit to her friend Lili introduces Imogen to Lili’s friend Tessa. They click immediately, and suddenly Imogen finds herself questioning the assumptions she’s always made about herself. Highly recommended! – Carol

Escape from Grimstone Manor (Monsterious, Book 1)

Type: Intermediate

Kids who love chilling and thrilling tales will love this new series! This is the first book of terrifying tales that combines monsters and mysteries (get it? Monsterious!), perfect for fans of Goosebumps or Michigan Chillers. The good news for summer travelers is that book #2, The Snatcher of Raven Hollow is also out, so there’s one book for the trip there, and one for the trip home! – Alana