Health & Wellness Guide 2020

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Set goals and find the experts to make this year your healthiest yet

Anticipating a happy, healthy New Year, but looking for the experts in town? In need of a practitioner or specialist? Looking for wellness coaches to help you feel your best? We’ve rounded up some local experts to help you make this one of your best years yet!

Screen-Shot-2019-12-16-at-11.37.39-AM_150Ann Arbor Dance Classics

3777 Plaza Dr., Suites 4 & 5
734-302-4248 |

Ann Arbor Dance Classics (AADC) is an all-inclusive dance studio providing quality dance education in a family-friendly, nurturing and professional environment since 1996. We offer recreational dance for ages three to adult, in all abilities and levels and we offer performance and competitive dance for ages five to eighteen. We are giving everyone who chooses AADC the opportunity to thrive in dance (and in life) both mentally and physically. Deena Fournier, Owner and Director at Ann Arbor Dance Classics, tells us how dance education can provide both physical and mental benefits.

“Dance education at AADC provides you with limitless health benefits, too many to mention here! Dance education teaches artistry, many life skills and athleticism. We are providing you the ability to learn a moving art form, skills to achieve poise and mental focus, keeping you in physical shape while working within a group of other individuals attaining similar goals. Helping you to develop a better understanding of both your mind and body, creating benefits you can use for a lifetime!”

Lee-Benjamin-M.D._150St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor

5301 McAuley Dr.
Ypsilanti |

Pediatric specialists at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor care for infants and children of all ages. St. Joe’s offers a comprehensive range of services and sub-specialists that provide specialized care for pediatric conditions. This includes a Pediatric Unit, Newborn Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Physical Therapy and behavioral health services.

The hospital also offers an urgent care and a Pediatric Emergency Center for when the urgent care is closed or in case of life-threatening emergencies. A common concern that many parents have at this time of year is how to best treat their child’s fever and when to bring their child to the emergency room. Dr. Lee Benjamin, Director of Pediatric Emergency Center Clinical Operations in St. Joe’s Department of Emergency Medicine offers his advice.

“If an immunized child over three months old with fever appears well, alert, and interactive, parents should ask their pediatrician to guide treatment. If a child under three months old has a fever, or if an older child appears ill, emergency department evaluation may be needed, as these kids may be sick and require hospitalization. Every child is different. Some may be well, playful and active with a fever of 104, while others look very ill with a fever of 101. If the patient does not appear well, especially after fever reducers are provided, seek medical care.”

Profile by Sanford

215 North Maple Road, Suite A-1
734-270-4060 |


Profile offers the most complete solution for healthy weight loss and lifestyle change. Physicians and medical researchers designed their program based on what science says are the keys to simple, effective, and sustainable weight loss. Profile members work one on one with a certified health coach and follow a personalized nutrition, activity, and lifestyle plan customized to their DNA. Brent Engels, Franchise Owner of Profile by Sanford in Ann Arbor, shared his advice on the positive impact parents’ healthy choices can have on their families.

“Our program teaches the importance of healthy habits, not only in nutrition but in lifestyle as well. These healthy habits set an example for children, but also be incorporated into their daily life as well. Parents can make healthy food choices for themselves as well as their whole family and encourage participation in physical activities. This is not limited to going to the gym, it could be family walks, playing tag, or any number of other activities to stay active. Parents are also better able to take care of their children when they also take care of themselves.”

ANR_Ann-Arbor-Family_Carrina_150Lucky’s Market

919 South Industrial Hwy.
734-368-9137 |

Lucky’s Market began with the radical idea that eating well should be affordable, and shopping for it should be fun. They’ve created a place where people could find healthy food, plus some of the good stuff they grew up with to balance out all of that kale. They believe in good food for all: sometimes that good food is bacon, and sometimes it’s quinoa. Balance is everything! Carrina Castellonos, Front End Team Member, gave us some tips on how parents can help kids make healthy food choices early on.

“Helping kids navigate the food world is a challenging part of parenting, for sure! Birthday parties, school celebrations, and just getting through the day without a ton of sugar and processed foods can be really hard. Our best advice is not to demonize anything, and to make sure there are plenty of healthy choices around. Let kids help you plan meals, model the food choices you’d like to see, and add veggies to everything! Spinach goes with everything— trust us.”

Champion Gymnastics

7240 Jackson Rd.
734-222-1810 |


Gymnastics is a great way for kids to stay fit, learn new skills, and develop resilience and strength. For owner Launie Aben, gymnastics has always been about inspiring children. Aben first got involved with the sport when her oldest daughter was 4 years old. Over twenty years of coaching experience later, she uses her love for gymnastics to inspire and educate young athletes. Her gym offers a variety of programs for girls and boys, ages 18 months to 18 years, such as Ninja Zone, beginner, intermediate and advanced gymnastics classes, tumbling classes, and a competitive team for girls and boys. Plus, Champion Gymnastics has expanded, adding a climbing net, 10 ft & 8 ft warped walls, monkey bars and more!

08072018_-Monica-Gobba-018-copy_150Live in Balance Consulting

Questions and additional information requests can be sent to or visit

Live in Balance Consulting helps clients re-style their lives to meet their wellness goals and create more balanced living. Their comprehensive approach addresses the 3 pillars to successful transformation-nutrition practice, physical fitness, and positive mindset. They work together to design a personalized plan that will help guide them through their wellness journey, from nutrition 101 to intuitive eating, and transformational success.

Services include: 1-on-1 Coaching, Spa & Self-care products, Workshops, & Events. Live in Balance owner Monica Gobba, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, offers her advice for families that want to improve the health of their families this year.

“Family mealtime can be a fun way to improve nutrition. It also helps to cultivate the culture of wellness and develop positive eating habits at a young age. The whole family can also make healthy food choices a part of their daily routine by treating a trip to the grocery store or farmers market as a treasure hunt. Ask for help in finding the items on your food shopping list. Parents should also model healthy eating. Children’s attitudes and actions toward everything from nutrition to exercise to politics are shaped by our own actions and behaviors. It’s also important to get the whole family involved in meal preparation. Assign each person an age appropriate task-younger children can wash foods, while older siblings chop, or set the table while dinner is in the oven. Research shows that kids who are involved in preparing meals have more positive attitudes towards food and are more likely to eat the foods they prepare. Including your children in shopping and cooking alongside you helps them develop their own taste, preferences and enjoyment of healthy foods.”

Ann Arbor YMCA

400 W Washington St.
734-996-9622 |


Spend time this year being active as a family! The YMCA is a great place for families come together and stay active and connected all year long. Enjoy swimming in the family pool in the evening or on the weekend, or shooting hoops on the basketball courts. Fitness, sans a rigid class schedule or punishing routine, can be an integral part of your family life and enhance together-time while maintaining your health. Through the generous contributions of donors, the YMCA provides financial scholarships to enable all members of the community to enjoy YMCA programs. We asked Jan Hack, the YMCA’s Communication’s Director, what one easy habit is that a family can implement to live healthier today.

“Play every day! Play may be the best way to prevent childhood obesity. By putting more play into your family’s day, you will soon find yourself getting the activity that will have your family feeling energized and strong. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. As long as your arms and legs are moving, it’s good for you.”

Saline Parks & Recreation

1866 Woodland Dr., Saline.
734-429-3502 |


The Saline Rec Center is the hub for fitness, family activities, leagues, swimming, and more for the greater Saline area. The Rec Center offers a wide variety of activities for all ages. Our unique ramps into both pools make it a safe and convenient way for small children and those with mobility issues to enter the pools. Memberships as well as day passes are available. All are welcome, even if you don’t live in Saline. Saline Rec Center Certified Fitness Instructor Jill Cooper shared her ideas on how parents can engage their kids in a healthy lifestyle and encourage fitness.

“Take family walks, or create family challenges like a jumping jack challenge, planking challenge, and hula hoop challenge. Make these challenges into a game or competition. Be sure to make fitness fun; set goals and give rewards. Rewards can be fun things like sitting at the head of the table for family dinner, or being awarded the family member of the week. Take advantage of your local Rec Center or park for swimming, shooting basketballs, and playing tennis. It is important for parents to set the example for their kids. A family that plays together, stays together!”