Get to know Sarah Garot and Anne Seyferth of Just Between Friends Ann Arbor

When children seem to grow as fast as weeds in the summertime, bargains are absolutely necessary to keep up with the need for new shoes, clothes, toys and gear.

Just Between Friends Ann Arbor, a biannual sale in Washtenaw County is run by sisters Sarah Garot and Anne Seyferthis. These two local moms have the mission of helping families meet their needs in a one-stop shop that happens twice a year. 

“We are sisters from Chelsea originally, but were both living in Chattanooga, Tennessee when we had our first children,” Garot said. “They had a JBF sale there, and when we moved back to Michigan, we knew the Ann Arbor area needed something like it.” 

This biannual sale has been held at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds since 2015, when sisters Sarah Garot and Anne Seyferth moved with their families back to the Chelsea area and saw the need.

“Just Between Friends helps families say ‘yes’ to everything their children need (and want) in one place, at one time, at 50%-90% off the retail prices. Items are organized like a department store to make it easy to shop,” Garot said.

Anne Seyferth and family. Photo provided by JBF Ann Arbor.

How it works

The sale is held twice a year, with the September sale geared to Fall and Winter items, and the April sale aimed at Spring and Summer items. The community event brings parents and grandparents together to help merchandise the sale as well as shop for deals.

Just Between Friends Ann Arbor is a huge seasonal Kid’s Consignment sale,” Garot said.  “Local families are able to sell what they no longer need, earning 60%-70% back on their sold items. Sellers prepare their items at home prior to the sale (we provide all the tips and tricks!) drop off at the start, and we organize and sell their items throughout the week.”

Photo provided by JBF Ann Arbor.

What happens to the unsold items? Sellers can either retrieve their goods or have them donated to Ann Arbor Foster Closet or American Veterans.

Why buy used?

“There are a lot of great reasons to shop at JBF,” Garot said. “First, you can buy things much more affordably than when you are buying new. Kids grow so fast, and we love being able to provide things in an affordable way. You can make your budget stretch much further. Second, we also love the idea of facilitating the reuse of items. So much clothing goes to landfills every year. We love providing a way that people can get more use out of what we have.”

“We think of it as recycling at its best,” she said.

Photo provided by JBF Ann Arbor.

Mark your calendars! The next JBF Ann Arbor sale will be held September 20-24 at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds. For more info, visit, or visit Just Between Friends Ann Arbor. 

Getting to know Sarah Garot and Anne Seyferth:

Tell us about your family: 

Sarah: I am married with three children, Audrey (13), Kate (10), and Lucy (8). We also have a dog named Abby.

Anne: I am married to husband Brian and I have two girls, Elise (12) and Sadie (9). We have a dog named Laney and a cat named Eve.

Where did you grow up?

Sarah: We both grew up in Chelsea and moved back to the area after having kids and wanting to raise them near Grandparents and in the area that we love.

Where did you go to school?

Sarah Garot and family. Photo provided by JBF Ann Arbor.

Sarah: Albion College, with a MSW from the University of Michigan.

Anne: Albion College with a degree in secondary education (social studies and political science).

Favorite restaurant in the A2 area?

Sarah: Seva. I’m a vegetarian and love going to an all-vegetarian restaurant!

Anne: Maiz in Ypsilanti or Session Room in Ann Arbor.

What is your dream vacation?

Sarah: Iceland has been on my list, but otherwise pretty much anywhere with a beach.

Anne: Italy and Greece!

What are your hobbies?

Sarah: Reading, cross stitch, and spinning on my Peleton.

Anne: Taking kids to activities is my main hobby in this stage of life. I am a planner. It is my hobby to plan all sorts of things.

What do you like to do on a free day?

Sarah: Read. All day, if possible. Outside if it’s nice!

Anne: Go walking or hiking, listen to true crime podcasts, meet friends out, be outdoors!

Favorite season in Michigan?

Sarah: Fall is my favorite! The leaves changing colors, the smell of the air, the activities to do.

Anne: Summer. I love the warmer weather and time spent at the lake and up north.

Book person or movie person?

Sarah: Books 100%

Anne: Also books. Movies are not my thing!

Favorite inspirational quote:

Sarah and Anne: “You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not a taco.” This is a quote we both use and remind each other of often in our personal and business lives!

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