Subscription Service Provides Care and Support for New Moms

Photo provided by Rise Wellness Collaborative.

The fourth trimester of motherhood can be tough, and postpartum moms need all the pampering they can find. Rise Wellness Collaborative launched a new subscription service aimed at addressing the needs of these moms, helping them with the physical, social and emotional side of after-birth care.

“We aim to support mamas, babies and relationships during the first years of life,” said Jen Burke, who co-owns Rise along with Aimee Tuck.

Burke, a licensed clinical social worker, and Tuck, a clinical psychologist, specializes in the care of children and parents. They offer a variety of services for all ages and stages of the parenting journey.

Boxes for moms and children

“Our Bloom boxes are curated to support postpartum mamas with healing, recovery, self-care, and the transition to parenthood,” Burke said. “Our Rise boxes include the same items for mamas, while also adding developmentally appropriate toys, books and other products to support development and nurture the parent-child relationship.”

Photo provided by Rise Wellness Collaborative.

The subscription program launched in November 2023 and is available to ship anywhere in the United States. Boxes include an assortment of items such as apparel, health and beauty products, books, snacks, toys and more.

“We also have sibling boxes in order to celebrate older siblings as the families grow and change when welcoming a new addition. Each box contains a QR code to access resources created by our perinatal, infant and early childhood therapists, as well as other perinatal experts, including perinatal fitness providers.”

Add-ons available

Washtenaw County clients are able to access a members-only store, where they can purchase meals created by registered dietitian Melanie Sulaver and Harvest Kitchen. These meals are designed to provide the proper nutrition for postpartum recovery.

Families can also opt to purchase a custom-cleaning package from Charmed Haven Cleaning Service, a woman-operated and mom-owned cleaning business. 

All of these services help reduce the stress on the household as families adjust to new routines, feedings and sleep schedules. The subscription services also make a wonderful gift for new parents.

Resources and support when it’s needed most

Photo provided by Rise Wellness Collaborative.

“Following birth, many moms experience a reduction in the care they are receiving, including both physical care and emotional support. This is hugely concerning because moms are experiencing significant physical and emotional changes, and we know that about one-quarter of women will experience some form of a perinatal mood disorder,” Burke said. “We want to make sure that we are attending to the needs of moms during this time, including providing resources for them as they navigate the transition to parenthood. We also want to support babies and the attachment relationship with our boxes as well.”

Burke hopes that this service will become more widely available to local moms.

“We hope to grow our sales so that more women can feel supported, and get some great items. But just as importantly, we hope to create a community through Bloom and Rise where women can normalize and feel supported through the joys and challenges of this transitional period of time.”