“EAT” Has Something for Everyone

Photo by Donna Marie Iadipaolo

EAT restaurant has been in Kerrytown for two years now, replacing the Lunch Room at 407 N. Fifth Ave. 

They have also been in their original location on 1906 Packard for 10 years.

We had heard that their Kerrytown location was a pleasant dining experience with good food, so we decided to check it out.  We liked it so much that we have dined there multiple times.

On our first visit, we made reservations over the phone for dinner one night and asked for a table near a window. We were seated at a window overlooking a courtyard, providing a great view of the scenic landscaping.

Gazing in the other direction, we noticed that the restaurant had a nice cross-section of families, students, and people from all walks of life, some eating with others, some eating alone. The dining tables are a reminiscent throwback to the Formica of the 1950s. There is abundant pleasant decor throughout as well. 

The staff immediately and earnestly welcomed us with pleasantries and smiles.

Our waiter was knowledgeable and helpful. He suggested the top items were the beef brisket pot roast and the butternut squash risotto, so we ordered both and shared them, along with a side of roasted vegetables. As an appetizer, we chose the fava bean hummus.

Photo by Donna Marie Iadipaolo

Starting out with the fava bean hummus was a great idea. It was savory, tasty, and healthy. It was served with warm, triangular pita pieces and there was more than enough to enjoy. Our palates were then ready for the main course.

Then came the pot roast and risotto. The pot roast had a flavorful but not overbearing gravy and the meat was tender and almost flakey. The carrots and potatoes with the pot roast were tender and took on a new taste with the gravy.

The risotto was creamy, with plentiful cheese and squash, along with hazelnuts. 

We were prompted to return another time to sample additional menu items. This time we enjoyed the roasted vegetable salad, the mole tacos, and the crab cakes.

Photo by Donna Marie Iadipaolo

The salad was the highlight, with balsamic-dressed fresh leaf lettuce along with various roasted, warm veggies and goat cheese.

The mole tacos had a nice flavor with an original pumpkin accompaniment. And the crab cakes were moist and were a large portion as well.

On both occasions, there were plenty of leftovers for a second meal.

After such a nice experience the second time, we were motivated to exit through the Kerrytown courtyard and enjoy the beautiful nature up close.

Our third trip was to celebrate the Winter Solstice. 

We ordered a couple of favorites from our previous visits, but this time also wanted to try a soup. A sign stated that their popular butternut squash and lemon chicken were both sold out. So, we opted for their roasted red pepper and tomato bisque. A large bowl filled with a beautiful color presented itself in a celebratory manner with two slices of bread. It was creamy and nicely accentuated the vegetable well. 

For dessert, we shared a slice of their homemade apple pie three ways. The waiter said he warmed it in the oven for us and we found the crust flakey and the apple interior fruity and nicely spiced.

For the holidays, the courtyard displayed a beautiful Christmas tree full of lights and the interior of the restaurant was decorated with a pink Christmas tree. Ambient music made the third experience a little more surreal, but still pleasant.