Food Fight: Everest Sherpa Offers Savory Multicultural Dishes for Takeout

Everest Sherpa
Mezel, Pelzom, Moni & Pem Sherpa. Image courtesy of the Sherpa Family.

The Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian aromas and flavors from Everest Sherpa will tantalize and please the entire family.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Many dishes kids like.
Kids’ menu: Momos, Mango Lassis, and Fried Rice are the most popular with kids, but the Kids menu is not available for takeout at this time.
Anything healthy for kids: Most dishes are healthy full of vegetables and proteins.
Food allergy concerns: Ask your server about food allergies.

Although Everest Sherpa Restaurant does not currently allow dine-in service, its exceptional food is available for carryout and delivery at this time. 

The restaurant is sure to delight every member of the family with lovely cuisine from Nepal, Tibet, and India — all coexisting joyfully on the same menu.

We interviewed owner Pem Dorjee Sherpa. We also sampled many of the items at Everest Sherpa, via delivery, along with receiving recommendations from others.

“Everest Sherpa serves Nepali, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine,” described Sherpa. “I have many friends in Ann Arbor who have been to Nepal with us for adventure trips, and when we gather I make some Nepali food. Everyone said you should open a Nepal Restaurant. Many people who have been to Nepal, Tibet, and India end up loving food and culture so we like to share that with people who (have) been there or want to try food from there.”

Sherpa is one of the owners of Everest Sherpa restaurant as well as the downtown gift shop The Himalayan Bazaar.

Sherpa and his wife were married atop Mt. Everest and joined in celebrating their vows with both Buddhist and Hindi traditions. They are parents of two daughters.

“I have always dreamed of owning an ethnic food business since there is no other Nepali restaurant in Ann Arbor,” stated Sherpa. “In early 2017, two of my Nepali friends showed interest to be part of the business and we ended up opening Everest Sherpa Restaurant in September 2017.”  

Customers reportedly love the cuisines from all regions.

“Our top customer favorites are the momo, chicken tikka masala, and the Sherpa stew,” according to Sherpa. “The momo is from Nepal, the chicken tikka masala is from India, the Sherpa stew is from the Himalayan region of Nepal.”

According to some sources, momo is to Nepal what pizza is to Italy in terms of pride and tradition. In the language of Newari, one of Nepal’s oldest languages, “mome” translates to cooking by steaming. 

The momos are pillowy with intriguing spices and come with a delightful sauce for dipping. The Sherpa stew is hearty, accompanied by a thick broth, almost like a hearty minestrone, but with large vegetable pieces and unique spices. The chicken tikka masala has a nice balance of creaminess and tomato/curry flavors. 

Everest Sherpa
Vegetable Sherpa Stew, available in vegan and non-vegan. Image courtesy of Everest Sherpa Restaurant.

We also sampled the mango lassi, vegetable pakora, makhani, and Sherpa kheer. The mango lassi tasted fresh. The vegetable pakora was crisp with lovely vegetables and a fragrant mint/cilantro sauce. And the makhani has a good spicy level if requested “super spicy,” but also creamy and nutty at the same time. The Sherpa kheer was a nice way to finish off the meal. It’s not too heavy and is reminiscent of a British rice pudding, but lighter with an enticing cardamom flavor.

Others recommend the aloo curried cauliflower, mattar paneer, Tibetan bread, and biryani.

When the restaurant is open, it is extremely kid-friendly with educational coloring materials offered about regional mountains. Although the kids’ menu is not available for takeout or delivery, many kids still report enjoying many of the ethnic flavors.

Sherpa said eventually they hope to reopen the restaurant as well.

“Yes, we will open for dining but we’re not sure when,” said Sherpa. “Maybe after all of our family and employees (are) vaccinated. As I mentioned before, it is a family-owned business and we don’t want to put our family and customers at risk. So we will be really careful to reopen for dining.” 

He concluded in a friendly manner. “We are so happy that (the) Ann Arbor community is really supportive of our local business. We hope to see you soon in person,” said Sherpa. 

2803 Oak Valley Dr., Ann Arbor. 734-997-5490.