Indigo Forest Natural Health Club

. August 31, 2015.

Natural remedies are a controversial conversation topic; some equating belief in natural remedies to anti-vacciners or anti-modern medicine. However, there is a growing acceptance and appreciation for the ancient wisdom in natural remedies that went widely unrecognized in recent history. A class offered by Indigo Forest introduces curious participants to the different types of herbs and oils involved in holistic remedies. Covering their uses, tastes, and effects, which are arguably more pleasant than chugging cold medicine when you have the sniffles. 

The best part about these classes is that the “shamanic” professionals will come to you. Gather eight of your open-minded and skeptical friends, and prepare them to be blown away by the healing power of nature.

Some of the topics covered by the series include “Staying Healthy in the Cold & Flu Season,” “Introduction to Essential Oils,” “Fabulous Healing Tea Infusions,” “Where do I Start: Ten Steps to a Healthier Family.” You and your group will have the opportunity to sniff, dab, and taste samples and related products, all available for your purchase. 

If you like what you learn, or if a house party isn’t something you’d enjoy, the Indigo Forest’s weekly Natural Health Club is open to everyone. 
Every Tuesday from 10:30-11:30am.