Revel & Roll Restaurant is up Your Alley

. May 27, 2016.

Revel and Roll Restaurant and Sports Bar

1950 S. Industrial
Hours: Sun-Wed 10am-midnight | Thurs-Sat 10am-2am
734-665-4474 |

After helping my third grader complete a reading unit on mysteries, I was inspired to solve a real-life mystery. It began with the new Revel & Roll family entertainment center that opened last fall in the former Colonial Lanes on S. Industrial. Revel & Roll boasts an arcade, bowling alley, party and meeting rooms, and a restaurant and bar.

The mystery surrounded its restaurant. Was it worth visiting if you weren’t bowling? Or, if you were bowling, should you stick around and dine at the restaurant?

Roll with it

Walking in with my family on a Sunday night, I was struck by Revel & Roll’s resemblance to a Vegas casino. Think impressive size, sounds, sights, and people having a good time.

The restaurant flowed organically from the bowling lanes. On one side, bowlers can walk up and order. On the other, diners can sit and watch the bowlers in action. Or they can watch the gigantic 11-foot tall TV spanning 120 feet across the bowling lanes and the 12 additional TVs hanging above the bar. I counted six more TVs surrounding the dining room. My kids—and husband—were ecstatic.

Choices abound on the menu, most of them an upgrade on the “American Bar Food” category. There were starters like buffalo chicken nachos, burgers, sandwiches, salads, flatbread pizzas, and entrees such as blackened pork chops. The most popular items, according to our server, were the teriyaki salmon, garden pizza, and PB&J burger with, yep, peanut butter.

We started with Revel Twist breadsticks stuffed with cheddar and pepper jack ($6.99). Next, I chose the caprese sandwich with nut-free pesto, tomato, mozzarella, basil and a balsamic drizzle on sourdough ($9.99). My husband selected the mac n’ cheese with cavatappi noodles, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, bacon and breadcrumbs ($10.99). We both added chicken.

My son, 12, ordered a cheeseburger and apple slices from the kids’ menu. My daughter, 9, picked mini corn dogs and mashed potatoes. Other kids’ menu choices include grilled cheese, grilled PB&J, pizza, mac n’ cheese and chicken bites. The cost for each meal is $6.99, which  includes one side and a drink.

Revel in it

The Revel Twists were delicious and rich: ooey, gooey and cheesy. We couldn’t finish them, so I was thankful we had gotten the half-order.

My caprese sandwich was tasty, particularly the flavors of the fresh mozzarella, basil and balsamic. The sourdough was well toasted, but not nearly as much as my son’s hamburger bun, which was crunchy. A soft substitute bun appeared for him immediately upon request. From there, his cheeseburger was devoured— quickly.

My daughter gobbled up her mini corn dogs and enjoyed her mashed potatoes, playing with them that is. She had a raucous time pushing her fork through the potatoes to make wavy lines before eating a fair amount of the portion.

My husband liked his dish the best. “It’s awesome,” he commented of his mac n’ cheese. “The chargrilled chicken is delicious. The asparagus adds a nice touch and the bacon is real.”
Desserts were offered, but we had no room. Choices include carrot cake and cheesecake, among others.

Did we solve the mystery of the Revel & Roll Restaurant and Sports Bar? Turns out you can pop in to enjoy the lively atmosphere and good food and, whether you are bowling or not, you can satisfy your appetite.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Go for lunch or try a weeknight
Noise level: High
Bathroom amenities: No changing table in restrooms closest to the restaurant
High chairs? Yes
Got milk?  White or chocolate, plus cranberry, orange or apple juice, lemonade, and soft drinks.
Kids’ menu? Yes
Anything healthy for kids? Apple slices and applesauce are offered as sides.
Food allergy concerns? Call ahead and speak with a manager to discuss any concerns.