April 2021 Giveaway – Game-Time Fun

Looking for something fun? This month’s giveaway is centered on board games and in-home fun! Enter for a chance to win a Rubik’s Perplexus Fusion Cube and a Hide n’ Cheek Board Game! It’s the perfect way to keep children occupied and entertained.

Rubki’s Perplexus Fusion 3×3 will unite two mind-challenging puzzles all at once! Roll the steel ball to the Start space and twist the Rubik’s Perplexus to align the track and maneuver the ball through the inner maze.

Hide n’ Cheek gives the family a chance to put on their best chipmunk face! Put on a mask and transform into a cheerful woodland creature. This log-switching, nut-finding, cheek-stuffing game is sure to bring hours of fun to you and your little ones.