Roundup of Washtenaw County Public Playgrounds

We have created a comprehensive list of all the playgrounds in Washtenaw County.  Find your favorite or try them all!  

A short walk from downtown, this park is a fun place for children to play.* Photo by Mary Genson.


Wilson Park

Close to downtown, this park has a playground appropriate for all ages. In addition to a playground they also have a new splash pad for children to enjoy on warmer days. 

89 Wabash St, Milan.




Children can hang out with dinosaurs at this play area. Photo by Mary Genson.

Nature Park 

This dinosaur themed playground is fun for a range of ages of children. The park has two structures, both providing exciting play equipment for children to explore. 

223 Platt Rd, Milan.





Chi-Bro Park

In this public safety themed play area, there is a large fire truck shaped play structure with slides, monkey bars and more. 

209 Ann Arbor St, Manchester.

Kirk Park 

This colorful structure is most appropriate for younger children. The small structure has a slide and a couple unique climbing elements. 

2001-2081 Clinton St, Manchester.

Carr Park

A slide, jungle gym, merry-go-round and swings can all be found at this popular park.

​​600 W Main St, Manchester.

Photo: This wooden structure is fun for all ages of children. Photo by Mary Genson.


Timber Town 

You can’t miss this large wooden play area. This area was built to be like a wooden village which includes mini elements of Chelsea. Within this area is a tot lot for little ones as well.

Sibley Rd, Chelsea.

Pierce Park

With six slides all in one structure, children will find many ways to have fun at this park. There are also parallel bars, monkey bars and a bridge. This park has many trees around the play area so it is fairly shady. 

851 S Main St, Chelsea.


Photo: Next to Cavanaugh Lake is a play structure for children to play on. Photo byMary Genson.

Cavanaugh Lake

A playground with a view is what you get when you visit this lake. While the playground is fairly small, it has many traditional elements. The scenic backdrop of Cavanaugh Lake makes it worth the trip. 

33 Cavanaugh Lake Rd, Chelsea.



Lion’s Park 

This monochrome blue play structure includes a tall slide and several other unique climbing spots. This sunny playground is near downtown. 

7780-7798 Ann Arbor St, Dexter.

Dexter Community Park 

Older kids can play on the large structure at this park with slides, a bridge and other traditional playground equipment. Younger children can enjoy the smaller structure with more age appropriate activities. There are also various engaging activities scattered throughout the play area. 

3575 Ryan Dr, Dexter. 

Mill Creek Park North 

This small structure is best for young children to explore. There is also a swingset in the play area. 

8140 Main St, Dexter. 



This large park has lots of greenspace and a traditional playground for children. Photo courtesy of

Recreation Park 

Younger children can enjoy this small structure with slides, ladders and a bridge. There is also a swingset. 

​​1117 S Congress St, Ypsilanti. 



Ford Heritage Park

This play area has activities and playground equipment for all ages. This structure offers many chances for children to climb, balance and hang out. 

8399 Textile Rd, Ypsilanti. 


An accessible play area was built in honor of Liz Dahl MacGregor Photo courtesy of

Riverside Park

In between downtown and Depot Town, this park has a vibrant universal access playground. This open space includes accessible activities and ramps. It also has engaging elements including two xylophones.

2 E Cross St, Ypsilanti. 

Hickory Woods Park 

This playground includes many exciting features such as a climbing wall, slides, monkey bars and lots of greenspace to explore. 

5415 Crane Rd, Ypsilanti,


Photo: Many slides and interactive elements is available at this park’s playground*  Photo courtesy of

Harris Park

This blue and orange traditional structure has unique slides and activities for a range of ages. 

99 S Harris Rd, Ypsilanti. 



Montibeller Park

Uniquely designed, this tall structure is packed with tubes to crawl in and slides to race down. There are also some climbing and balancing elements. 

4305 Ellsworth Rd, Ypsilanti.



There are many different parts of this play area that children can enjoy and explore. Photo courtesy of

Mill Pond Park

This large wooden structure has unique elements that will keep children entertained every time. There are several climbing elements, swings and slides. There are also some areas targeted towards smaller children. 

565 W Bennett St, Saline.

Brecon Park

A traditional play structure, swings and a jungle gym can be found at this neighborhood park. 

397 Nichols Dr, Saline.

Tefft Park 


Surrounding the Saline Recreation Center, this park contains facilities for sports and play. The playground is in a wooden mulched area and has slides and monkey bars. 

1866 Woodland Dr E, Saline.

Ann Arbor 


Kids can pretend they are playing on the farm in this uniquely designed play area. Photo by Mary Genson.

County Farm Park

Kids of all ages can enjoy this farm-themed playground. Among the various play equipment is swings, spring riders, slides and a climbing structure. Within the play area is also a large windmill. 

2230 Platt Rd, Ann Arbor.




Scheffler Park

This playground features various traditional playground elements such as ladders, slides and monkey bars. 

​​3075 Edgewood Dr, Ann Arbor. 

Wurster Park 

Not far from downtown Ann Arbor, this park has a playground next to a sand volleyball court. This playground is suitable for children of all ages. 

525 W Madison St, Ann Arbor. 


The Centennial Universal Access Playground is one of the three playgrounds at this park. Photo courtesy of

Gallup Park

Try out all three playgrounds at Gallup Park. The Centennial Universal Access Playground is a fully accessible play area provided by the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor. This playground offers a safe space for people with disabilities to play and interact with each other. The Bilik Orbach playground is a traditional play structure and the Livery Playground is a smaller play area for younger children. 

3000 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor. 

Esch Park

This neighborhood park has a traditional play structure with a bridge, ladders and slides. 

2705 Esch Ave, Ann Arbor.

Allmendinger Park 

This park has more of a nontraditional approach to their play area. Instead of having a main play structure with different equipment attached, this play area has smaller apparatuses scattered throughout the area. These include swings, a merry-go-round and slides. 

655 Pauline Blvd, Ann Arbor.

Mushroom Park 

Children can climb on different sized mushrooms at this park. The play area consists of a small play structure with mushroom themed elements throughout.

 1800 Waltham Dr, Ann Arbor.

Marsh View Meadows

Younger and older children can have fun at this playground in the two separate structures. The smaller structure is more appropriate for younger children who can slide down short slides and crawl through tubes. 

300 E Textile Rd, Ann Arbor. 

Frisinger Park

This play structure has a refreshingly unique design. Underneath an intricate roof, the structure has a climbing wall and slides. Additionally, there is a standing see-saw and sandbox. 

1200 Woodbury Dr, Ann Arbor.

Dr. Harold J. Lockett Park

Various different climbing elements are on this vibrant traditional structure. This park also has a sandpit and musical elements. 

2250 Winchell Dr, Ann Arbor.

Southeast Area Park

The playground structure is small at this park but filled with fun. The two sides of the structure are connected by a bridge for children to walk across. Recycled materials are widely used throughout this park. 

2901 E Ellsworth Rd, Ann Arbor.

Arbor Oaks Park

This structure has sails like a ship. Several different swings are available at this park including traditional swings, baby swings and an adaptive swing. 

2090 Champagne Dr, Ann Arbor,

Waymarket Park

Children can climb this play structure and glide down on the multiple slides. This play area also has a see-saw and a sandbox. 

300 Waymarket Dr, Ann Arbor.


Two traditional structures are at Cranbrook Park for children of different ages. Photo courtesy of

Cranbrook Park

Younger children can enjoy the age appropriate structure at this park with a small structure and baby swings. Older kids can opt for the larger structure with larger swings and sides. 

2700 S Main St, Ann Arbor. 

North Main Park

Located near Kerrytown, this small structure is best fit for younger children due to its size. There is a tire swing in the play area as well. 

604 N Main St, Ann Arbor.

Maryfield Wildwood Park

This well shaded play area is a simple traditional structure. One of the features of this playground is a merry-go-round. 

1705 Linwood Ave, Ann Arbor.


This small neighborhood park has a traditional structure and activities for children. Photo by Mary Genson.

Pilgrim Park

A small structure with traditional and baby swings are offered at this sunny playground. Some of the features include the zipline and monkey bars. 

2966 Verle Ave, Ann Arbor.


Winewood Thaler Park

Within this neighborhood park is a small play structure for younger children. There are also swings and a sandbox. 

2105 Winewood Ave, Ann Arbor, 

Prairie Park 

This red, white and blue structure includes tunnels, a zip line and four slides. There are no traditional swings but there are baby swings. 

6201 W Michigan Ave, Ann Arbor.

West Park 

This spacious play area has a play structure for all ages of children. This park has a merry-go-round, multiple slides and more. 

215 Chapin St, Ann Arbor.

Garden Homes Park

An accessible play structure and a mini dinosaur structure for young children are at this park. Slides and swings can also be found in this play area. 

1800 Franklin St, Ann Arbor. 

Burr Oak Park

This accessible structure has a ramp leading up to a structure with slides. There is also a small climbing apparatus to get onto the structure. 

601 Burr Oak Dr, Ann Arbor.

Mixtwood Pomona Park

This fully shaded park has several different play options including a see-saw, spinner, sandbox, slides, swings and monkey bars. 

1145 Mixtwood St, Ann Arbor, 

Hunt Park

This traditional structure has lots of shade to keep children cool while playing on the various playground equipment including swings, slides and more. 

​​1035 Daniel St, Ann Arbor.

Bromley Park 

This park includes a traditional structure and some natural areas made of wood. The park also has a sandbox for children to play in. 

2777 Briarcliff St, Ann Arbor.

Virginia Park 

Children young and old can enjoy different elements of this park. Older children can try out the zip lines while younger kids can hang out in the hippo sandbox.

500 Virginia Ave, Ann Arbor.


While it includes traditional equipment, the fuller park playground has a unique look to it. Photo courtesy of

Fuller Park

This wooden traditional structure is located in a shaded area near UM Hospital. There are no traditional or baby swings but there is a tire swing. 

1519 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor.


Placid Way Park 

This colorful playground includes slides, climbing structures and various swings. Benches and a picnic table is located near the play area. 

2399 Placid Way, Ann Arbor.

Las Vegas Park

Younger children can play in the sandbox with sand toys while older kids can climb up the structure to play on the monkey bats and zip line. Traditional and baby swings are also available.  

1455 Las Vegas Dr, Ann Arbor.

South Maple Park

Multiple spinning elements are at the playground at this park including a spinning pole and a merry go round. Other climbing spots and slides are available as well. 

2655 W Liberty Rd, Ann Arbor.

Burns Park

Adjacent to Burns Park elementary, this area has a structure for younger children and structure for older children. A sandpit and funnel ball is also offered by this park. 

1300 Baldwin Ave, Ann Arbor. 

Turnberry Park 

Slides, swings and other interactive elements can be found on this play area. This area is partially shaded with benches. 

3255 Turnberry Lane, Ann Arbor.

Tuebingen Park 

This park’s playground is best for older children who want to play on equipment that will also give them exercise. There are multiple bars and balancing elements for them to explore. 

2505 Tuebingen Parkway, Ann Arbor,

Meadowbrook Park

At the end of a cul-de-sac, this park has a traditional structure with various different playground equipment that can entertain a range of ages. 

2500 S 7th St, Ann Arbor.


While this playground has a minimalistic look, there are many ways for children to have fun. Photo courtesy of

Island Park 

The Island Park playground sports a neutral white and gray finish on its traditional structure. While the park itself has lots of shade, the playground can get sunny. 

1420 Island Dr, Ann Arbor


Mary Beth Doyle Park

Instead of a traditional structure, this play area has a unique design with challenging obstacles for children to conquer. 

3500 Birch Hollow Dr, Ann Arbor.

Olsen Park 

This unique playground is best for older children who like to climb. There are multiple climbing structures for children to challenge themselves on. 

1515 Dhu Varren Rd, Ann Arbor.

Cloverdale Park

This partially shaded play area includes slides, swings and even a musical element. 

549 Cloverdale Road, Ann Arbor.

Wheeler Park

In addition to its traditional structure, this park has parallel bars for older children and a play train area for younger children.

200 Depot St, Ann Arbor.

Leslie Park

Young children have two fun play areas at Leslie Park. Both structures are small but have unique elements. One area has a dragon for kids to play on in addition to the small structure. The other play area has a balance beam for kids of all ages to challenge themselves.

2900 Leslie Park Circle, Ann Arbor.

White Oak Park

In a fully shaded area, this structure has various slides, climbers and interactive elements. 

2665 White Oak Drive, Ann Arbor.

Brookside Park 

This small play area has swings and a jungle gym for children to enjoy. 

3001 Stone School Road, Ann Arbor.

Huron Highlands Park 

There are two play structures at Huron Highlands Park. One is a more traditional structure and best fit for younger children. The other structure has more variety, including a unique design and a sandbox. There are no traditional swings at this park, only baby swings. 

400 Skydale Drive, Ann Arbor, 

Buhr Park 

There is one play structure in Buhr Park and it includes monkey bars, slides and swings. This area is surrounded by trees so it is partially shaded. 

2751 Packard Street, Ann Arbor

Fritz Park

This small structure is great for younger children. But, there are some elements that might interest all ages, including a tire swing. 

1450 Pauline Boulevard, Ann Arbor,

Delhi Metropark

A variety of playground equipment is present at this park. Children can explore the play structure and enjoy the slides, swings, see-saw, bouncers and monkey bars. 

3903 E Delhi, Ann Arbor.

Foxfire North Park

This playground is not only appropriate for all ages, but it also includes an accessible swing. The structure includes slides and other interactive elements. 

 2405 Hickory Point Dr, Ann Arbor.

Woolley Park 

The climbing structure at this park can be both fun and challenging. There is also various other playground equipment including slides and little dinosaur sculptures that kids can play on. 

1315 West Textile Road, Ann Arbor