A Jump In The Park

Cabin fever hit our family hard this winter break, thanks to subzero temperatures. Sam, my middle school teen, had exhausted all of the indoor activities like board games, movies and XBOX. One wintry afternoon, we recruited big brother, Luke, and headed to the new AirTime Trampoline Park in Ann Arbor.

Check-in begins at the computer kiosk, where parents and guests must sign liability waivers. After completing the paperwork, we proceeded to the front desk and paid for a one-hour pass, along with a mandatory purchase of AirTime safety grip socks. Cost for two adults and one child, with socks, was $45.

The Rock

The park is divided into various zones, with each zone supervised by AirTime employees in orange “team” t-shirts. We began at The Rock, a climbing wall with a cushioned landing. Climbing rocks wearing nothing but grippy socks? Ouch. We all agreed it was a painful experience. But for the adventurous, it was a good place to get vertical.

The Beat

Next stop was The Beat, which allows two players to battle on a balance beam, with padded poles to knock down your opponent. The brothers re-enacted a Star Wars lightsaber battle. Sam tumbled to the padded pit below, so big brother Luke must have had the higher ground.

Jam Session

Have you always wanted to execute a perfect slam dunk, but never had the game or height advantage? Jam Session is the place for you. With three hoops at various heights, and trampoline floors to give you a boost, this is a popular spot for all aspiring NBA stars.

The Equalizer

Looking for some friendly competition? The Equalizer offers a dodgeball arena, with trampolines for bouncing and balls for tossing. Sam thought that dodgeball would have been a lot more fun with a big group or party. “I didn’t know anybody, so I didn’t want to throw balls at them,” he said. Good idea.

Other Options

In addition, the park offers an AirTime Ninja Course, with bars, nets, balance beams and ropes to challenge all levels of athletes. And of course, the trampoline zone is a popular spot to jump, twirl, and hop to the blaring beat of pop music. Bumps and bruises are inevitable in this environment, and the energetic staff members were very caring and attentive. They provided the right balance between behavior control and fun encouragement.

When bouncers have worked up an appetite, they can head over to the concession stand and dining area for the usual assortment of pizzas, pops, and snack foods. The facility also offers party rooms, with various packages and rental options are available.
Parents of children under six should check out the Junior Jam sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Final verdict: would my middle schooler return to AirTime in the future? “Yes, especially if I was in a party with more people that I knew.”

AirTime Trampoline Park
800 W. Eisenhower Pkwy | 734-470-0040 airtimetrampoline.com