Get your head checked

. March 19, 2013.

Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique offers quick and convenient solutions When it comes to head lice removal, most parents may not know what to do, or cringe at the thought of what they have to do. That’s where Ann Arbor’s Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique comes in. As Michigan’s first professional head lice treatment facility since August 2008, Rapunzel’s has started a hair-raising revolution when it comes to head lice prevention and eradication.

The boutique, at 2390 Winewood Ave, offers a cozy and clean sanctuary for families infested with head lice. It is owned by Sarah Casello-Rees, who felt inspired to begin the business after her son contracted head lice. With no reactions to the lice, Sarah had no idea about the infestation until her own head began to itch. “I didn’t know anything about lice and I was wishing there was someone who could help me.” Less than a year later, Sarah and her boutique became the very help she had been looking for.

At Rapunzel’s, families can head to their own private room, where experienced practitioners use nontoxic methods and products. For a flat fee of $85 per person, clients receive an initial  session and two follow-ups to guarantee complete lice removal. Because everything at the shop is completely sterilized, there are no worries of contracting head lice when you are there.
If privacy is key, the Boutique can come to you, as the Lice Brigade, offering head checks, nit removal, lice treatment, environmental cleaning and follow-up. Products, including Lice-Sense Extra Strength Lice Killer, Lice-Sense Nit Glue Dissolver and Fairy LiceMothers’ MagicWand (a special comb with microgrooved teeth) are also available.
Sarah stresses that anyone — of different cultures and socioeconomic groups — can get head lice. There’s no need for  shame or embarassment, and it’s no reflection on being “dirty.” In fact, lice prefer clean, dry hair, which they cling to best.

As with most conditions, prevention is key! Rapunzel’s offers Louse Away, a 95 percent organic live-in conditioning spray infused with natural oils famous for their anti-insect properties. Head checks are also available six days a week for $10 and free on Saturdays. Call 734-929-9180 for an appointment. For more info,