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What to consider before using GPS to track your kid

Sooner or later, most parents lose a kid— usually for only a few minutes. Even if it’s brief, the experience is heart-stopping. And it’s given rise to a whole new industry— GPS tracking for kids. Some parents turn to GPS because the world seems scarier than it was when they were kids. Others want an

Explore area tech companies at the Ann Arbor Tech Trek

Ann Arbor Tech Trek, a free community event, is a terrific opportunity for your family to explore area tech companies as they showcase their latest innovations. Each stop on the trek will create a fun, educational experience, reflecting each company’s unique culture. Participants will enjoy refreshments, prizes, T-shirts and giveaways. Tech Trek is a great

Peaceable Kingdom closing

Downtown Ann Arbor’s staple knick-knack shop, The Peaceable Kingdom, offering handmade jewelry, scented lotions, children’s toys, and a little something for everyone, closed its doors in April after 44 years due to a sharp decline in business.