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Open play is a core experience at Northville’s new play center Stemville

Stemville is dedicated to engaging children in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by encouraging them to use creative thinking and problem solving as they play. Open play is a core element of Stemville and options include 25,000 Magformers, 7500 Clicformers, 660 Everblocks and more. Each month, the center features a different STEM-based activity that,

August 2019 Giveaway—Coding Critters

Cute critters help build STEM skills without screens With Coding Critters (ages 4+) by Learning Resources, young children get to care for a fun pet while being introduced to basic coding skills. Children learn coding through stories, teaching them imaginative play along with STEM skills. Your child can learn sequential logic, critical thinking and problem-solving––

Ice cream rolling in Washtenaw County

From the streets of Thailand to Ann Arbor, Briarwood Mall is opening a Sweeting Rolled Ice Cream store, offering Thai rolled ice cream, bubble tea and other beverages. Additionally, Naughty Boy’s Rolled Ice Cream opened in Dexter, using fresh, local and natural ingredients. Menu items include Strawberry Shortcake, which features Zingerman’s sweet cream biscuit and

New Washtenaw County playground encourages playing together

In an effort to make the Washtenaw County Health Department’s Human Services Building more welcoming, and to help families claim and play in the space a new play scape opened in May and will be complete in August. The Play Here: Play Together design includes two concepts: play features and interactive sidewalks painted with bright

University of Michigan Museum of Art Opens Cafe

Joining the trend of creating social spaces in public cultural institutions, the University of Michigan Museum of Art opened the UMMA Cafe last month, featuring pastries, sandwiches, bento boxes, salads and signature drinks. UMMA plans to offer Cafe programming in the future including talks, special events, music and more. 525 S. State St. | 734-764-0395

July 2019 Giveaway—Rescue Runts

These Rescue Runts and Rescue Runts Babies by KD Kids, their smaller counterpart, need a home to call their own! The super soft plush puppies Rescue Runts arrive in their crate packaging with matted fur full of fleas, dirty paws, bruises and bumps, tears in their eyes and downturned ears. Care for your Rescue Runt