Personal Chef Allison Anastasio of Last Bite LLC is offering cooking classes virtually for anyone interested in learning a new, tasty dish. She’ll teach a variety of different, easy to follow recipes that creates a fun, entertaining evening at home.

The virtual cooking class, called Bite Sized, offers hour long sessions every Sunday that focus on one dish at a time. Each session is interactive, fun, quick, and approachable. Chef Allison does a phenomenal job at simplifying dishes that would otherwise seem overwhelming. 

Chef Allison was given the chance to learn her culinary skills from the nationally renowned culinary arts program at Schoolcraft College. She continued her practicing her tasty craft as a head sous chef and did research and development for culinary competitions. She works as a personal chef, a corporate caterer, food writer, food educator, and culinary concierge. Her instinct for food is uncanny, and her skills will shine through on your screen as you work side-by-side with her.

You’ll have a chance to cook alongside Chef Allison as you create a variety of dishes for the family on a Sunday evening of fun. From French Chocolate Mousse to Butter Chicken (or Cauliflower) and Yogurt Naan and so much more, you’ll become fluent in a new recipe in no time! All this, and you’ll be able to create a delicious Sunday dinner.

Each class is $20 per screen. To register for her upcoming classes or to see what Chef Allison is cooking up next, check out the Last Bite website. For more information on the Last Bite chef, follow her Facebook.