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Making Spring Break Memories in Ann Arbor

So you’re staying in the area and still want to make Spring Break memorable for you and your family? Try out some of these ideas that are sure to make memories and into your kid’s Snapchat stories. 1. Go on a fairy door hunt around downtown Ann Arbor. Scattered around Ann Arbor are many whimsical

Easter basket Alternatives

Hurricane Reusable Water Balls This summer, make tying water balloon knots a thing of the past!  Hurricane Reusable Water Balls are soft silicone rubber balls that self-seal and fill in seconds when submerged in water.  Upon impact the water bursts out, soaking your target. They can withstand more than1000 throws. Ages 5+ | $9.99 |

Involving Children in the Kitchen

Preparing meals is a life skill for your children to master before they move out of your home, but what are the best ways to go about teaching them? Lilian Anderson, the owner of Sprouting Chefs, an Ann Arbor business that offers children’s cooking classes, shares some of her expertise. As a trained chef, registered

One local mom’s ideas for recording memories

The year I turned seven my mom had a nightmare that my siblings and I grew old, moved away, and that she couldn’t remember anything about us when we were little. The sound of our voices, the silly stories we made up, our facial expressions were all lost to time. In an effort to prevent

Welcoming women of all nations to Ann Arbor

Moving to a new city brings with it many challenges, such as finding grocery stores, registering kids for school, and locating the public library. But when you move to a foreign country and don’t speak the language, those challenges intensify. This is the situation faced by families moving to Ann Arbor from other countries each year. In 1958 Esther