Easter basket Alternatives

. March 31, 2017.

Hurricane Reusable Water Balls

This summer, make tying water balloon knots a thing of the past!  Hurricane Reusable Water Balls are soft silicone rubber balls that self-seal and fill in seconds when submerged in water.  Upon impact the water bursts out, soaking your target. They can withstand more than1000 throws.

Ages 5+ | $9.99 | fatbraintoys.com


PLAYMOBIL Bunny Barn Carry Case

All your little one needs to set up a bunny farm including one figurine, four bunnies, a bunny hutch and other accessories such as a fence and bunny food.  Set up your bunnies’ home and let your imagination free.

$9.99 | Learning Express


Playfoam Sparkle 4-Pack

A tactile toy that never dries out! Playfoam Sparkle provides hours of creative play. The playfoam can be squashed and squished, molded and shaped. The no-stick formula will not leave a residue behind.

Ages 3-6 | $4.99 | educationalinsights.com


Playgro Shape Sorting Flower Puzzle

Perfect for spring, this colorful 22-piece puzzle encourages your child to learn various shapes, practice trial and error and develop special reasoning. The happy flower is the center of the puzzle with each petal being a different color with a different shape.  Children learn to sort the shapes as they put the petals on the flower.

For ages 12-36 months | $14.99 | amazon.com