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KidFitStrong Fitness Challenge in Detroit

If your kids like playing with their phones more than playing outdoors, get them over to the KidFitStrong Fitness Challenge in Detroit. This mobile fitness event travels around the country encouraging kids of all ages to get active and stay fit. An inflatable completion-based obstacle course, the Fitness Challenge tests speed, strength, agility and overall

Post Wisely

It turns out there’s a balance to how much you can share of your child’s life in the digital sphere once they reach a certain age. According to the University of Michigan’s School of Information, children aged 10-17 are very particular about what constitutes fair sharing online. Sharable info includes achievements, praise, positive content, special

Cut the Juice

Fruit juices might seem like an excellent means of quenching your child’s thirst, but the American Academy of Pediatrics has new guidelines for fruit juice and children: No juice before age 1. For toddlers ages 1-3, up to half a cup per day (4 oz). For children ages 4-6, up to three-quarters cup per day (6