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A Community Culture of Advocacy

A2IDEAS promotes education, advocacy, and inclusion for all When my son was eight years old, he attended his own IEP (individualized education plan). Aware of his diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he was encouraged to be a part of the goal-setting process at school.  We were told that he was the youngest student ever

Maternity & Baby Guide 2020

Parents, Pamper Yourself These products and services from local businesses will help you reclaim some “me-time” Being a new parent is tough. While it’s incredibly rewarding, long days and sleepless nights coupled with uncertainty and fears surrounding COVID-19 can make carving out time for yourself feel impossible. Even if taking care of yourself may be

Secure Your Child’s Future With A Special Needs Trust

Local experts explain what a special needs trust is and why you might consider one for your child Being the parent of a child with special needs is overwhelming at times. Your life is full of research, acronyms, meetings, and therapy sessions. As a result, creating a special needs trust might seem too stressful.  Here’s