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Therapists Are Here For Us While We Stay At Home

These are unprecedented times. Emotions are high. There is real fear and anxiety over the unknown. Those who were receiving therapy services may feel the emotional strain of social distancing even more acutely because they can’t meet their therapists in-person. But face-to-face human connection is still possible through telehealth, the practice of providing health services

7 Ways to Be a Positive Parent for Your Child with Special Needs

Connie Combs offers her expertise to help ensure a bright future for families Parenting is hard, but parenting a child with special needs can be downright daunting. Too often, parents feel isolated and scared when their child receives a diagnosis. However, with the help of caring professionals, such as local expert Connie Combs, there is

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Your one-stop resource for grocery delivery and pick-up in Washtenaw County We’re parents. We’re busy. And with the holiday season upon us, busy can quickly turn into chaotic.  Now you can take one item off your list: grocery shopping. Several local businesses offer services to help lighten your load. Whether you want to take advantage