Expanding Mental Health Care Services

. March 31, 2019.
The Corner Health Center is expanding teen mental health care services

The Corner Health Center has increased mental health care services and recently brought its waiting list to near zero. “The Corner and other organizations are doing a great job in increasing access to mental health services, but we need much more to meet this crisis,” said Ellen Rabinowitz, MUP, Health Officer for Washtenaw County Health Department and Executive Director for Washtenaw Health Plan. Rabinowitz recently presented at the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti on the state of youth health in Washtenaw County and cited one of the largest concerns for local youth is access to mental health services, noting that suicide completions have gone up in Washtenaw County. Other key concerns include increased use of opioids, as well as high infant mortality and low birth weights among African American babies. Versell Smith, Executive Director, adds that mental health is a priority at the Corner: “We’ve taken important steps to increase mental health services. But we know there are youth out there who haven’t yet asked for help, and we need to be ready.” The Center recently implemented an intern program for college students seeking their Masters in Social Work (MSW). Smith explains, “This intern process not only provides more therapy resources for our patients, it also gives important training to these students on the best practices for treating this age group.”

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