GlenLore Trails Offers Unique Outdoor Halloween Experience

. September 28, 2020.
GlenLore Trails offers a unique sensory experience to hikers in Commerce Township. Image courtesy of Bluewater Technologies.
GlenLore Trails offers a unique sensory experience to hikers in Commerce Township. Image courtesy of Bluewater Technologies.

Looking for a fun family outdoor adventure that goes beyond the local metropark? You may want to try GlenLore Trails in Commerce Township. This nighttime interactive light show, presented by Bluewater Technologies, debuted in September and quickly became a sold out event. The previous experience took hikers into the forest on a discovery of colorful, magical creatures. But now, thanks to its popularity, Bluewater decided to expand the theme into the Halloween season.

GlenLore Trails, The Haunted Forest will open on October 10 and will run through November 15.

“We’re excited for this spooky new take on our GlenLore Trails event that so many have experienced and loved so far!” said Rilee Chastain, Director of Content Marketing.

“Similar to our previous experience, GlenLore Trails, The Haunted Forest will take explorers through a half-mile walking sensory experience full of spooktacular lights, projections, interactions, and installations — but with an all new Halloween twist that hasn’t been seen before,” Chastain said.

The kid-friendly event takes participants on a forest excursion with stops along the route where light displays are activated. The trail, which consists of compacted earth and asphalt millings, is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

GlenLore Trail

Light displays are activated by hikers along the trail. Image courtesy of Bluewater Technologies.

The path is eight to ten feet wide, and the event was designed to offer an outdoors, no touch- interaction experience. Organizers ask that all participants wear masks while on the trail.

“The entire event is family friendly, although there will be some spooky characters and noises littered throughout the trails,” Chastain said. “We hope explorers will be excited to come back and uncover new eerie characters throughout the trails that seem to have morphed into spooky versions of their former selves, and will enjoy exploring new scenic sections, like the Putrid Pumpkin Patch, Phantom Forest, and the Castle Ruin.”

Tickets for the event are sold in one-hour time slots to allow for better social distancing. Ticket prices are $25 for adults, $12 for children ages 3-12, and free for children under three.

GlenLore Trails, The Haunted Forest is located at Multi Lakes Conservation Association, 3860 Newton Road in Commerce Township. Tickets can be purchased at the website:

Bluewater Technologies is a company with headquarters in Wixom that specializes in multimedia sensory events. You can learn more about their events here.