Mothering Justice Brings Digital March to Remind Lawmakers during Covid-19 Pandemic: We Show Up, We Vote, and We Matter

. May 6, 2020.
Image courtesy of Mothering Justice.
Image courtesy of Mothering Justice.

The non-profit organization, Mothering Justice, is gathering digitally on Wednesday, May 6 to let lawmakers know that despite current events surrounding COVID-19, they are here, they vote, and they matter.

Mothering Justice is a for-profit organization that works to raise the voices of mothers and work to help mothers become policy makers and shapers within the community. The organization wants to improve the quality of life for families all over Michigan. On May 6, Mothering Justice is putting together the Mama’s March in an effort to increase the visibility of mother’s of color.

Now more than ever, the racism that exists within our lawmakers and healthcare fields have had a light shone on issues that have been prominent within our community. With this gathering, mothers of color are working to remind lawmakers that not even a pandemic will keep them from speaking their minds and having their voices heard! This event is to remind lawmakers that mothers of color are pillars of our community and that every mother’s voice needs to be heard even during a crisis.

To follow the current stay-at-home order, Mothering Justice will be holding this march online. Participants are welcome to register on Eventbrite

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