New Program Helps Participants Live A Happier And Healthier Life

Mood Lifters helps participants live a happier and healthier life

Mental health is a struggle for many and to support those struggling with anxiety and depression a revolutionary new mental wellness program is designed to help people live the life they want. Developed by the Associate Director of the University of Michigan’s Depression Center, Patricia Deldin, PhD, Mood Lifters is a science-based mental wellness program that gives participants new strategies to make positive changes and develop healthy habits with a comprehensive approach in five domains known to impact wellness: body, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships.

Mood LiftersSM is appropriate for adults aged 18 and over who are willing to work to make positive changes in their lives. Each week, participants meet in a small group with a peer-leader, and together the group explores strategies to reach personal goals for behavior change to improve disposition. The Ann Arbor YMCA is one of the very few Ys across the nation to define healthy living with the inclusion of mental health. Visit their website to enroll in an upcoming session.

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