Telling It Reaches School-Age Locals Facing Adversity

Telling It reaches school-age locals facing adversity

Unfortunately there are many children in Washtenaw County facing various forms of adversity such as home and food insecurity, bullying, violence and/or poverty in their day to day lives. Telling It is an after-school program which uses a combination of social work, education and art to reach these children and offer them opportunities to participate in engaging activities and self-expression. Telling It participants are introduced to a variety of artforms which offer multiple platforms for personal expression including music, spoken word poetry, visual art and more. Program founder Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel has thirty years of experience working with at-risk children and youth. “One of the primary principles of the program is that we’re never helping or serving as role models for the youth. We’re in partnership, always collaborating. The experts in the room are the children and the youth that we’re serving and our community partners,” according to Gordon-Gurfinkel.

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