Y-Fi students launch their first micro museum

Willow Run High School closed in 2013, but now its administrative wing will reopen this summer, temporarily, as the ADMIN Micro Museum, a multisensory art space. Powered by Y-Fi, the Ypsilanti student art movement, with the guidance of museum professionals, the space will convert former classrooms into experiential galleries. The free museum will be a learning space for Y-Fi students, empowering them to lead and teach others about museum culture and practices. Visitors may take an audio tour or follow printed prompts to experience the 1,000+ square foot space, which will feature non-traditional mediums including areas covered completely in neon pink (Y-Fi’s official color) fake fur and an LED blacklit “cave” with neon cardboard stalactites hanging from the ceiling and stalagmites growing out of the floor, while allowing students and visitors to add to the neon cave by creating other unique projects. The design and creation of exhibitions is currently taking place with plans to open the Micro Museum in mid-June.

This project, accepted into the Artists Lead program, is being matched dollar for dollar on the crowdfunding site ioby.org. Find out more about Y-Fi at ypsifidelity.com.