A Guide to End of Summer Fun

end of summer

Summer is nearing its end, but there’s still time to explore all of the season’s fun in the sun activities! Here are some options if you’re looking to add to your summer bucket list!

1. Ice Cream Activity. Consider putting a twist on this tradition such as an afternoon sundae-making party.

2. Sidewalk Chalk. Create family or friend pieces of art in your driveway. Draw outline images of your family, add the art, and lay beside it to see how close you come to the real thing! Draw “Welcome to Our Home” sayings!

3. Family Photoshoot. Have a family photoshoot at your favorite places in town or favorite day trip location.

4. Scavenger Hunt. There are many ways to create your own personalized scavenger hunt. Try a photo scavenger hunt so you don’t have to retrieve or carry items!

5. Family Game Night. This is a great idea for the rainy/stormy days or backyard games on the sunny days –- or maybe a rainy day outside game day with umbrellas.

6. Movie Marathon. Watch movies based on a theme, summer, or favorites like Disney– or every family member picks a favorite movie or home movies.

7. Hiking. There are so many places to explore!

8. Picnic. Keep a picnic indoors or take one outdoors. Take it to a park or friend’s yard. Anywhere you can spread a blanket!

9. Camping. If you don’t enjoy traditional camping try an indoor camp and pitch a blanket tent!

10. No Technology Day. Whatever you do, don’t use technology on this day. Explore the season in any way you want but no phone or TV!

11. Neighborhood Exploring Day Trip. Take a walk through town and discover new things and have new discussions. Stop and have a picnic lunch. Go to your favorite or new place and continue on. Come home after you put in an entire day!

12. Block Party. Host a block party for the neighborhood. Walk down the street with a signup sheet and put the event together as a team!

13. Water Activities. Use other items other than just water balloons and squirt guns. How about a regular old pail of water?

14. Family Field Day. Have everyone in the family think of and prepare a field day event. Move through the activities as a team. The member of the family takes the lead at his/her station at their activity.

15. Arts & Crafts Day. Indoor or outdoor. Themed, personal, or something that will commemorate the fun you had as a family in the summer of 2021!