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10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied and Keep Your Sanity

The growing number of COVID-19 cases has triggered a wave of alarm and preemptive action across the globe and, closer to home, schools, libraries, and even churches have closed their doors. While social distancing is a necessary—albeit overwhelming—way to stem the coronavirus outbreak, many parents have been left floundering for ways to keep their kids

How to Approach the Coronavirus Disease With Our Children

Children are like sponges and even if we do not realize they are listening, they absorb everything they hear. We know that the focus of every current adult conversation is the COVID-19. You cannot go anywhere without the topic coming up in conversation, hearing it on the news, or seeing it on social media. Children

Six easy steps to reduce toy clutter

Toy clutter, it’s a problem all parents face. From the toddler years when blocks, push toys, and board books seem to be scattered down the hallway to the school age years where kids collect tiny Legos, matchbox cars, and Barbie dolls, clutter remains an ongoing issue. A toy rotation is one way to fight this