Craft of the Month: Homemade Slime

. January 31, 2016.

Slime instructions
(recipe from Melissa Swigart of

In one bowl mix together the room temp water and glue. Add food coloring to bowl. Set Aside

In another Bowl, mix together the warm water and the Borax. Make sure the water is warm enough to dissolve the Borax. Stir until it is mostly dissolved.

Pour the White Glue slowly into the mixture of Borax and water, but DO NOT mix together. A big slime ball will form. Take your hands and swoosh the slime around the bowl several times. 

Pull the Slime Ball out and place it on newspaper or into another bowl. Knead the Slime for a few minutes. Be sure to store slime in an airtight container so the kids can play with it again!

When the forecast calls for another  Snowpocalypse and it’s time to stock up on essentials such as milk, eggs and Spaghettios, why not pick up a few items for a keep-‘em-busy craft project?  After the snowsuits and wet boots have been peeled off and the hot chocolate cooked, cooled and consumed,  having a plan for an inside activity to keep little hands and minds busy is a great way to take advantage of the ‘found’ time – and make some memories together.  

Last winter, my children and I tried a batch of homemade slime, and it was a huge hit!  Ordinarily, I reserve potentially messy craft projects for summertime, where the multicolored smears and drippings can decorate the yard instead of my furniture, but I was homebound by 15 inches of new snow, and a little desperate.

The ingredients are simple and inexpensive: Elmer’s School Glue, Borax, food coloring and water. The kids measured and squished and the only disagreement was how much food coloring to make the ‘slimiest’ shade of green. This segued into a lively discussion on the relative hues of monster guts, nasal discharge and someone’s infected finger pus. So I guess I would call it both a craft and a science project. Either way, it had the desired effect of a couple of hours of happy and productive play.  

Blogger Melissa Swigart, Pinterest’s reigning expert on all things slime, says the concoction should last days to weeks in an airtight container, but ours went out for a slime snowball fight the next day, so I can neither confirm or deny that fact.