Craft of the month: Paper Kites

Looking for a reason to get outside with the kids after hibernating all winter? Paper kites are the perfect boredom buster and they are a great excuse to get the kids outside to run around. Quick, easy, and depending on the age, also as simple or fancy as the kids would like, wind or no wind, this fun craft
is a definite win.



• Coordinating craft paper
(2 pieces of 12×12 paper per kite)
•Paper straws (5 per kite)
• String or twine for the kite
string and kite tail (7 feet total)
• Decorative ribbon scraps
• Glue stick or hot glue
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Ruler or tape measure

Optional Supplies:

• Pom poms
• Glitter
• Stickers
• Jewels



• Following the edge of the paper, measure 8 inches down from one corner and mark it. Measure the same 8 inches on the adjacent side and mark. From those two marks, with a ruler, draw two lines that meet up at the bottom corner of the paper (it should be 12 inches down on both sides). This will create a kite-shaped diamond.
• Repeat step one on another matching or coordinating piece of paper.
• On the backside of one kite-shaped paper, glue down four straws, making sure they create a “t” and touch each corner of the kite. If you have excess straw hanging off a side, simply cut it off.
• Cut one piece of twine or string around 6 feet (or however long you want your kite string to be) and another piece about 12 inches (for kite tail).
• Place the kite string and tail where the straws make a “t”. Glue the string down next to the lower, vertical straw, leaving the excess string to hang from the bottom point.
I used hot glue to be sure the string wasn’t pulled off when flying.
• Glue down the second piece of paper to cover up the straws and string. Make sure to glue along the edges as well as over the straws so it stays secure.
• Attach a kite handle by using one-third of a straw and tying the end of the kite string around it. Add some glue to be sure it doesn’t slide off.
• Decorate! Tie ribbon to the kite tail and add personal touches to both sides.