Get Creative at The Scrap Box

Location: 581 State Cir. (near Costco)

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm. Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

Cost: Fill a large bag for $9 or a small bag for $6.00. A $25 one-year membership offers discounts on purchases and access to a Members Room workspace.

Items for Purchase: Examples of items include cardboard circles, paper of all sizes, felt pieces, fabric, gems, foam pieces, small pinecones, ribbon, baskets of all sizes, tiles, boxes, and much more. Check out recent stuff that has been added to the collection at stuff.

Special Programs: Birthday parties, workshops for children, field trips, workshops at local schools (a teacher will be sent to do a project with students), drop-in and adult workshops. Call
The Scrap Box 734-994-0012 to set up a special program.

Looking for a place to keep the kids entertained during summer break? Look no further than The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor.


In 1983 Karen Ensminger established the Scrap Box as a space where people could purchase re-used and re-purposed items that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage. The Scrap Box has slowly generated a network of local businesses and factories that donate scraps and unwanted production materials to the store.



Filling The Scrap Box

Volunteers and staff at The Scrap Box organize the donations of unwanted items in baskets and containers for the public to purchase at a reasonable price. The unwanted materials provide endless creative projects. Even though The Scrap Box is primarily geared for children, others including artists, crafters, farmers, and adults of all backgrounds usually find interesting items.



“You observe children growing their abilities to be creative when there are a wide variety and volume of materials for class and home projects,” explained Michael Thomas, media coordinator for the shop, “They discover colors, textures, and physical properties of each item. It’s not digital and doesn’t require a screen. It is a beautiful thing to watch the creativity unfold!”

Value of up-cycling and re-using Items

The Scrap Box is part of the larger Ann Arbor recycling community, with a mission to up-cycle and re-use as opposed to throwing away in the garbage. The mission of the shop sends a powerful message that is in-sync with promoting environmentally friendly values in the daily lives of patrons.

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programs, and details of the store.