Kids Horoscope: Aries

. February 28, 2017.

March 21- April 19

Adventurous, but surprisingly sensitive, the Aries child loves being in the spotlight. A fire sign, they love attention and aren’t scared to demand it. They can be impatient, and love to be the first in line, but they are more than happy to share. A generous child, Aries children know “sharing is caring.” Teach older kids about saving early— it’s a skill they’ll need to learn.

Eager, quick and cheerful, they’re positive, excited and fast-learners. They love to take the lead, but aren’t always great at following directions. As natural born leaders, an Aries child isn’t fond of authority. Prevent stubbornness by praising them when they help out instead of giving orders. Just remember— even though they have a short temper, they are just as easily prone to laughter. A funny joke can stop almost any temper tantrum.